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9 Places in Your House That You Forget to Clean (But Shouldn't)

You change your king sheets amazon, pillow covers, and duvet covers weekly. You also don’t let your dirty laundry pile get too high, and you dust your dresser. You have a fresh bouquet, and you have an essential oil diffuser. But even with all the cleaning, your bedroom still has dirty places around it. Some things in your bedroom are dirty because most people forget to clean some of these areas. Below are secret spots in your bedroom that you should start cleaning. 

1. Your mattress

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You spend a lot of time on your mattress as you sleep in it every day. It has bodily fluids, skin flakes, bacteria, dust mites, and grime. Therefore, it is vital to clean your mattress regularly, just like other areas in your bedroom. Also, protect your mattress by using a mattress cover that is impermeable to fluids, dust mites, and small particles. If your mattress is old and feels smelly, check the Verlo mattress buying guide and invest in a new quality mattress. Get a protective cover for it and follow a routine to clean it regularly.

2. Your pillow

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Pillows, after some time, build up a lot of health busters such as mold spores, bacteria, and dust mites. Therefore, if you cannot wash your pillows, you should replace them at least yearly. To protect your pillow, use anti-allergy covers, and change pillowcases every few days. After some time, pillows lose shape and support, and you end up with an uncomfortable night of sleep. So, check whether you should replace your pillow by checking if it brings back to its original shape when you fold it in half. 

3. Doorknobs 

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Door knobs, in many instances, people forget to clean them. You touch it on your way out and in as you do your cleaning, but you never think to clean it as well. To know that your doorknob needs a good wipe, think of the number of times people touch it, the number of people, and all the places all these hands have been. This will cause you to clean to clear off bacteria and germs that are left behind. As you do this, wipe knobs on each side of the door and the closet door knobs too. 

4. Houseplants 

Houseplants are a great addition to your bedroom as they purify the air and add a colorful interest. But, if you tend to overwater them, they will succumb to root rot with time, and their soil becomes home to mold spores. Mold spores in the air in your bedroom are not healthy, and it is best to avoid them by watering the houseplants when the topsoil is dry, and do not leave your plant pot sitting in a tray of water. 

5. The humidifier 

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Humidifiers are better to lessen the dry air of your room, but if you forget to change the water daily or neglect cleaning your humidifier. Soon you will start coping with the effects of mold growth inside your humidifier. For this reason, clean your humidifier thoroughly and change the water daily at least once a week. 

6. Light switches

For light switches as well, think of the number of hands that touch your light switches in your bedroom. This will make you get a cleaning solution to at least wipe them. To do this, clean the light switches on the wall, twist knobs on lamps or any light switch remote controls. Plus, other light switches around the house. 

7. Pets

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Pets are beloved family members. However, during bedtime, they should stay off the bed and prepare somewhere for them to sleep. When you share your bed with pets, not only will they disrupt your sleep, but their fur is full of dust, dander, pollen, bacteria, and mold spores. So, prepare a place for them to sleep next to you and ensure you keep it clean.  

To sum up, the above are some of the spots you always forget to clean that you should. Clean this during your thorough cleaning days, or make it a routine to clean them as often as you remember. Other things you can start cleaning too are the vacuum cleaner, carpet, and window sills. 

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