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Sometimes we get bored to do the same old planks or sit-ups to keep our tummy in shape. Instead of these regular stomach toning exercises, to focus on your mid section and to make your body beach ready, you can try some challenging abdominal exercises which tones up your belly. To trim down your waist line and have toned tummy, you not only focus on what you eat but also include a variety of exercises that help to get taut and tight tummy. Scroll over to find a few exercises that will help you to melt a few pounds from your tummy and give you a beach ready belly :

1. Corkscrew

1 Corkscrew is a Pilate’s exercise stabilises your hips and shoulders and strengthens neck and shoulders and abdominal and obliques muscles. Toning of obliques helps to create slim and defined waistline. This exercise activates your lower abs and to get this exercise right you must engage your abs in every move of this exercise. To do this exercise, lie straight on your back with your legs fully extended straight in front of you. Keep your hands on your sides with your palms facing down. Press your inner thighs and knees and raise your legs straight up facing the ceiling. Inhale and rotate your legs from left to down and bring your legs to right and up back to starting position. To make the workout more intense, pause for a moment in between every move.

2. Twists

2 Twist target your core muscles and fats stored in your tummy. Twists work on lower and upper abs and work on your obliques. To do the twists, sit on the exercise mat with your feet flat on the floor and knees bent. Take a dumbbell or a kettlebell in your hand and lean your back and tighten your core. Slowly lift your feet from the floor and twist your body on to one side and keeping your abs pulled in. Return back to starting position in a quick movement and twist your body on the other side. Follow 30 reps on each side. To make the exercise intense increase weights in dumbbells.

3. Air Swimming

3 Air swimming exercise not only targets your abs but also your back and shoulders as well. To do this exercise lie on your stomach with your legs to together and arms extended out. Your body should form a full swimming pose. Lift your left arm and right leg together while maintaining the position for 1 to 2 seconds and then switch to opposite arm and leg lift. Follow 10 reps on each side.

4. Standing Oblique Crunch

4 Include oblique crunches in your abs workout to target your love handles. To this exercise stand with feet shoulder width apart and take 5 pound dumbbell in your hand. Pull your left knee up and bring your elbows down on side crunch. Ensure that you do all of your body weight on your feet, follow 12 to 15 reps on each side. You can skip the dumbbells if you are a beginner and to make it intense, increase the weights.

5. Basic Crunches

5 Basic crunches are a complete abs strengthening exercise which engages your lower abs and core. To do this exercise, lie on your back and place your hands behind your head with your thumbs touching your ears. Keep your elbows out to your sides. Keep a slight distance between your chest and chin and pull your abs in. Curl up forward and lift your head, neck and shoulders off the floor. Hold the position for a moment and return back to starting position. While doing the crunches make sure that you keep your abs engaged and pulled in and do not overarch your lower back.

6. Pike And Extend

6 This exercise works on your abs and legs. To do this exercise, lie on your back and extend your left leg up in air. Raise your upper body as you would in the basic crunch. lauy back with your arms over your head and keep your leg extended above you. Alternate the sides and repeat the exercise 20 times on each side.

7. Side Bends

7 To do this exercise, stand straight with a dumbbell on your left hand and right hand placed on your waist. Keep your back and head straight, bend your waist to the right side. Keep your abs engaged and breathe in and return back to starting position as you breathe out. Repeat the movement on the other side and follow at least 20 reps on each side.

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