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In a hustle bustle of your morning routine, you are literally left with no time for makeup. And all you wish for is only if you had little more time to take care of beauty, but not all women are blessed with plenty of time to spend on their beauty. At these times when you are in a hurry, you need to follow few tricks that not only save your time but also make your beauty routine easier. Here are 8 tricks that will get you ready in few minutes and give you a stunning look :

1. Hollywood Cat Eyeliner

1 To create cat eyeliner in a jiffy, draw liner from inner corner of eyes to outer corner, drag the flick and create a triangle. Fill in the triangle at the outer corner to complete the look.

2. Fill In The Brows

2 To fill the eyebrows properly, define the upper and lower eyebrow line with an eye pencil and fill in the brows with light strokes. Do not fill the brows too dense as it will give your brows a natural look.

3. Fuller Lips

3 To make your lips appear fuller, fill in the centre of your lips with a lighter shade of lipstick and then blend in your regular lipstick shade.

4. Radiant Eye Shadows

4 To pop up your eye shadows and to make the colour of your shadows radiant, apply a coat white eye shadow or use white eye pencil to fill in your eyelid. Then apply the eye shadow shade of your choice.

5. Eyeliner Rescue

5 If you run out of your eyeliner, let your mascara work as eyeliner for you. Run through eyeliner brush on mascara wand to get the colour and apply the liner as usual.

6. Cheat Sheet

6 Shield the dark circles from your eyes and give your eyes an instant lift up with applying concealer and foundation as explained in this tutorial.

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