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Makeup is an essential part of everyday beauty regime for all women. Makeup allows you to accentuate your features and hideaway the flaws, giving your face a radiant look. There are no hard and fast rules to follow a particular style of makeup. But of course we women love to try on new makeup tricks and hacks to enhance our beauty. Today through this post I am sharing with you a few quick makeup tricks that will save time and get you the glamorous look :

1. To apply mascara on your lower eyelashes, hold a plastic spoon underneath the lash to prevent mascara from smudging on your skin. This will also help you to a thicker mascara coat.


2. To create a perfect eyeliner flick, place scotch tape under the outer corner of lower lash and draw a flick accordingly. Follow this trick to fill your eye shadows also without messing up the facial skin.


3. To make your eyes look bigger, invest in a nude colour eye pencil to line your water line. This will create an illusion for bigger eyes.


4. Tightline your inner lashes to define your eyes and make them appear thicker. This trick make your eyes look dramatic and intense.


5. To create a double curl in your lashes and make the lash curl stay longer, pinch the lashes with the eye lash curler at the base of your eyelashes.


6. Our neck is not exposed to sun as much as our face is and this is why to find a perfect tone of foundation for your face, use the tester on your neck. Buy the one closest to your skin tone of neck.


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