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Bely fat is one of the most common health issue people are facing today. Having fats in and around tummy not makes looks uncanny but also kills yours self confidence. Medically fats in your tummy can prove to be dangerous to you as it leads to heart diseases, diabetes and high BP and other lifestyle diseases. In your thrush to lose weight, we often focus on getting a toned up body which will make you look attractive, enhance your appearance and give you self confidence. However treating belly fat with crunches alone will not do the trick. Here we are giving few exercises which will not only target your belly but also your whole body. Incorporate the exercises in your everyday routine that blast off the fats from your stomach and give you toned body:

1. Run On Incline


Running on incline or uphill running is considered to one of the best way to increase your pulse rate and build more muscles on your calves, ankles, thighs and glutes. According to fitness trainer Jill Penfold, “running on incline than on a flat surface has shown to increase total calorie burn by as much as 50%”. Whether you choose to run in uphill or on treadmill, it is best advised to start off the session with 5 to 10 minutes of walking to warm up your body. Give yourself another 5 to 10 minutes to jog and then set your pace to run uphill or on inclined treadmill. Penfold suggests that you do not need to reach a peak speed while running uphill however the rhythm should be such that you are unable to have conversation with anyone. Run for 5 to 10 minutes and the switch back to jogging for next 5 minutes. Repeat the process of 5 to 10 minutes running and 5 minutes jog for about 30 to 40 minutes.

2. Row Machine


To build your endurance, instead of restricting yourself to regular workouts, try rowing machine. Once you get the knack of using the machine, it is best indoor cardio workout for blasting off the calories. The low to ground machine engages your legs, back, core, and arms and gives you an intense full body cardio workout. Rowing pumps up your heart rate and helps you to gain muscles. According Penfold, rowing machine blasts off calories and fat from your body. She recommends beginning rowing for 20 seconds and resting for 10 seconds and checking how many meters you have covered in this duration. Repeat the exercise 8 times challenging yourself each time to break your own record. Once you have finished the 8 reps, row at fast speed for 500 meters and note how long you take to complete 500 meters. Try to beat the time duration on your next session.

3. High Intensity Interval Training


High intensity interval training (HIIT) involves variety of intense moves in intervals and with specific and particular training. HIIT is incredibly effective and fact paced workout that maximises the fat burning process and sculpts your body. According to researcher the intense workouts keep HIIT helps you to keep burning fat even after workout is finished. Fitness trainer Hope Pedraza suggests doing intervals that alternate between exercises that work on different muscle groups. To begin, follow a 10 minute warm up session. Give 30 seconds with as many reps as possible of squats, push-ups, kettle bell swings, single arm rows, burpees, jump squats, lunges, sprints and all those exercises you love doing. Ensure that each exercise targets different muscle group of your body. This will allow resting time other muscle groups and shred the extra pounds from your body. Giving an interval is an important aspect of HIIT, fitness coach Franci Cohen says “When the body works to adapt from the anaerobic (high intensity) period to the low intensity recovery period in HIIT, this workload results in high caloric expenditure which can lead to fat loss.”

4. Intense Planks With BOSU Ball


While cardio is best bet to burn fat, you must also work on abs and core. Planks are the super tough bodyweight movement which works on your core and engages more than 20 muscles including shoulders, glutes, arms and legs. to make your basic plank more challenging, fitness trainer Adam Sanford suggests his favourite move – holding plank on a BOSU ball. He says it is more challenging than the regular planks as you need to balance plank position with the BOSU ball. Challenging your body to get control and balance activates your abs, obliques, and deep abdominal muscles. Balance planks on BOSU ball strengthens your core muscles, increases your metabolism and helps you to burn fat and calories.

5. Lift Heavy Weights


Lifting weights at workout sessions can be monotonous if keep lifting the same weights. Move over to heavy weight to increase the challenge and resistance and cut the rest time you give yourself in between reps. Fitness expert Tyler Spraul says “lifting heavy weight cause afterburn effect, where your body continues to burn calories even after you leave gym”. Infact studiesx have shown that adding weight training to your cardio routine increase the afterburn so much that your body continues to burn fat even after you have taken a shower and settled on your couch or desk. A study says that women who lift more weights, burn almost twice more calories and fats than they would when they lift the lighter weights. It is essential to be that you take care while moving on to heavy weight to follow the correct technique to prevent injuries.

6. Walk Everyday


From ages walking is considered as best form of cardio workout and is your best bet to lose weight. Walking in itself is a workout that boosts up your energy, toned up your body, pumps up your energy and most importantly sheds fat. A simple brisk walk every day for 40 to 60 minutes burns calories and does wonders on your metabolism. Fitness expert Sahmura Gonzalez says walking also ensures that you don’t over train which leads to over production of stress hormone cortisol. Walking thus keeps stress at bay and helps you to unwind after a tiring long day. Lower the level stress hormone, better are chances of shedding weight says Gonzalez. Walking is best to beat the stubborn fats stored in your tummy. 1 hour of brisk walking can help you lose 1 pound a week. Get yourself a comfortable pair of walking shoes and hit the walking track right away.

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