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Thigh fat is annoying because it makes one look shorter because the fat is gathered in the lower part. Losing thigh fat is possible when you are doing proper exercise and following a healthy diet. Without eating right and on right time, weight loss is impossible! The worst thing is our thigh fat leaves us looking horrible and none of those wonderful dresses fits in due to the odd body shape of ours. So if you are serious about shedding weight from your thighs and wish to make your thighs lean then do not worry and start a routine of diet and exercise. Just get your old clothes which are tight, do your measurements and write it down. Make a healthy diet chart, follow below-mentioned exercises and after a month again wears your tight dress you will surely see the change!

1. Squats

1 There are many squat exercises, you can pick anyone, but the basic idea behind doing squat is to make legs lean. If you are not able to do squats without support, then place a ball on the wall and stand against the wall with the support of the ball. The ball will increase the intensity of the exercise and you will also get a nice rub on your back because of the ball.

2. Lunges

2 It will be more effective when you will do them with dumbbells. Pick 5-8 pounds of dumbbells and lunge with to bring the other leg down an inch above the ground. Repeat the same by changing the legs and you can do 10 sets.

3. Running

3 It is said that running is the best exercise because it aims at all body parts all together. Moreover when you are running your legs muscles are working and you will be able to lose more weight from thighs and legs. If you have a tight schedule, start it with 15 minutes and gradually increase your running time. For best results try to run for 30-40 minutes daily.

4. Inner Thigh Squeeze

4 Get an exercise ball and lay on the floor mat. Try to hold the ball in between your inner thighs and uplift your legs 10 times. It is very easy and it will put a strain on your thighs, in the result, you will easily lose weight from thighs.

5. Do Leg Lifting and Make Circles From Leg

5 This one is similar to the above exercise, but you have to do with each leg separately. Raise your leg, make a circle in clockwise and anti-clockwise circular movement. Do the same with the other leg and try to complete 20 circles with each leg. The last and the most important thing, you need to add healthy food items in your diet as it will make sure that you are not gaining more.

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