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Women love to adorn full, neatly shaped, arched and defined eyebrows. Eyebrows can actually the change the entire look of your face. Well shaped eyebrows enhance your beauty and make you look sharp and attractive. While most of us try to master the art of keeping our eyebrows in perfect shape, we often end up messing up our eyes as we are not shaping it correctly. ht. Scroll over to find a few mistakes that you must avoid making while doing up your eyes :

1. Over-Widening The Eyebrow Gap

1 While making your eyebrows, there is a usual tendency to pluck the shaggy ends. This widens the gap between the two eyebrows and looks unnatural on the face. To define the further most eyebrows that you should pluck, hold an eye makeup brush and line it vertically to the edge of inner tear duct. Make sure you don’t pluck further than this spot.

2. Ignoring The Natural Arch

3 Look for the natural eyebrow arch while making your eyebrows. It is sometimes hidden under the hairs and it can enhance your over all look. Do not always hide your arch under the straight shaped eyebrows. Try to follow the shape of natural arch by matching the bottom edge with top arch of your eye brow.

3. Sparsely Haired Brows

4 If you have very less hair on your eye brows, never leave them as it is. Invest in a good eye pencil and fill in the gaps with small strokes. This will mimic the natural look of your eyebrows. Make sure that you choose the eye pencil shade that is close to your eyebrow hairs.

4. Applying The Eye Makeup That Makes Eyebrows Look Too Thick

6 Unless you want to be center of laughter for everyone, do not carry the eyebrows that look too thick because of the makeup. Fuller and thicker eyebrows do look great but when created artificially, they spoil the entire look of eyebrows.

5. Applying Eyebrow Makeup Before Face Makeup


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