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Moving your legs on an exercise bike will help you lose that abdominal fat that many want to eliminate from their belly. The exercise on a stationary bike, especially cardiovascular, helps us lose fat and gain muscle mass. A consistent weekly program consisting of an intense driving interval and a change of rhythm will help you burn calories and stimulate fat removal to lose weight at home or lose weight in the gym. Next, we are going to show you various cheap exercise bike workouts to burn calories on an exercise bike and get fit in no time with the help of this device.

1. Moderate intensity training on the cheap exercise bike


If you’re new to exercise and want to avoid injury or stiffness the next day, schedule a training routine that includes a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate-intensity cardiovascular exercise five to six times a week. Perform this exercise to lose weight on the stationary bike pedaling smoothly, at a working range of between 50 and 70 & your maximum heart rate. There are different ways to assess if you are working in this range of effort. In fact, some bicycles indicate a table that relates our effort and heart rate.

If you can’t do 30 minutes of exercise cycling in a row, you can divide it into 10-minute intervals to continue benefiting from the benefits of this activity and burn calories to help reduce fat.

2. High-intensity training with the exercise bike

Once you control the pedaling at a moderate intensity and you have the necessary hydration, it is recommended to increase the difficulty a little during your next sessions on the bike. A study published in 2008 showed that overweight participants who exercised at high intensity twice a week and moderate-intensity three times per week lost more fat than participants who exercised at a moderate pace five times per week. This difference in fat loss occurred despite all participants burning the same number of calories in each workout.

When you ride a cheap exercise bike, increase the level or endurance in two of your workoutsThus, you will be able to burn more calories on the stationary bike in less time. Do it for 20 to 30 minutes at that intensity so that your heart rate rises to 75-85% of the maximum. You will be exhausted and puffing and sweating a lot, but the effort will have been worth it when you see your waist decrease.

3. Interval training with the exercise bike


While moderate-intensity training gets you started on fat loss, high-intensity training completely turns on the fat-burning engine.  High-intensity interval training should not be present in all your workouts. Consider including this modality in two or three workouts per week and you will lose weight on the exercise bike when you least expect it. Use this exercise instead of the moderate-intensity training, explained above, and ask your personal trainer or a qualified instructor any questions you have about this type of physical exercise.

4. Exercises on the exercise bike to strengthen the arms and arms

To train your arms while pedaling on the exercise bike, use two dumbbells and lift your arms sideways to shoulder height; then, bend your elbows, bringing the dumbbells towards your chest. Repeat 15 times for 3 sets.

5. Exercise on the exercise bike for tonic buttocks

In order to tone the buttocks on the exercise bike, you have to add resistance and lift the butt off the seat: needless to say, the buttocks are stretched rather than contracted. To work on the buttocks, the muscles must be contracted. Raise your seat from the seat and pedal with good resistance to train both the quadriceps and your B side!

Tips for doing exercises on a cheap exercise bike

When training with intervals on the cheap stationary bike, you should bear in mind that the intervals can be configured in different ways. If a minute or two is too long, take 30-second intervals. To add a new challenge and burn fat on the exercise bike more quickly, perform an intense interval for 5 to 10 minutes with two minutes of low intensity in between. Follow these steps to do interval training on the stationary bike and get its benefits:


  • Warm-up yourself for 5-10 minutes at low intensity. Feel your joints heat up and increase your blood flow. Your heart rate will also start to increase, but it shouldn’t be excessively high.
  • Pedal for 1 or 2 minutes at high intensity and with great effort on the pedals. Feel your heart rate rise, reaching a point near where you start to snort.
  • Return to a lower effort level for 1 to 2 minutes. Feel your heart rate decrease and your breathing is becoming more controlled.
  • Alternate a high-intensity level with a low level 10-15 times. One of the benefits of high-intensity interval training is that you lose a considerable amount of fat in a short period of time.
  • Conclude your training with a gentle pedaling for 3 and 5 minutes to relax your legs after training and recover.

Final thoughts

Training at home without the aid of special tools or a personal trainer does not mean that the exercise you are going to carry out will be useless. Even such training will give good results if it is carried out on a regular and continuous basis. Training with a cheap exercise bike is undoubtedly one of the possibilities available to those looking for a practical and functional way to train at home without spending excessive amounts to go to the gym.

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