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In today’s world, each individual is becoming health conscious and one of the biggest factors that influence your health is your weight. In your weight loss journey it is not just your diet, lifestyle or exercise that effect your weight loss, but it also includes the kind of workout routine you follow. Over the past few years fitness experts have advised to implement high intensity training (HIT) to aid weight loss. No weight loss process I complete unless you include HIT principles that push you to do more exercises in shorter duration of time. These exercises increase your heart rate and workout capacity. Scroll over to find the benefits of high intensity exercises and how you should include these exercises in your everyday regime to achieve your weight loss goals :

1. Benefits Of High Intensity Training

1 Image: Source High intensity training is considered as a best way to blast off the fats, improve endurance and build strength. The workout pushes you to do more exercises in less time which increases your heart rate, improves your metabolism and improves your cardiovascular activity. Apart from this HIT also increases stamina and explosive power and improves twitch muscle fibre response. Combining proper diet with HIT regime accelerates your weight loss process.

2. Tabata Sets

2 Image: Source One of the best ways to do high intensity exercises is to use body weight and free weight exercises in circuit form. Choose from exercises like push ups, planks, squats, crunches and burpees. Follow a 25 rep of each exercise back to back with no rests in between the exercises. Once the circuit is complete, take a rest of 30 to 45 seconds and follow the second round of the same circuit. In this way aim to complete 8 to 10 circuits of this workout in time frame of 20 to 25 minutes. To increase the intensity and add variation, switch to different exercises and include dumbbells and barbells. Do not stick same exercises for long duration, and keep changing exercises in every 6 weeks.

3. Squats And Hills

3 Image: Source Combine uphill running with squats to blast off fats from your body. Find a decent hill near your home and run up the hill approximately for 200 meters up. Once you come down the hill do as many as possible squats in 1 minute. This will complete as one round. Aim at completing 8 to 10 rounds of this workout in maximum time span of 25 to 30 minutes.

4. Sled Pull And Sprints

4 Image: Source Just like how you can combine uphill running with squats, you can also combine pull sleds with sprints. Pull the sled with load or without load for 40 yards and then complete 2 forty yards sprints from the starting point. This will complete one round of the high intensity workout. Aim at completing 8 to 9 rounds of the workout with as little rest as possible in between the rounds.

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