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Even though we know that eyebrows might be the least attractive body part, it is quite essential for women to keep them in shape. Otherwise, remember the school days when you looked horrible with all those hair around your eyes? You wouldn’t want it as a grown up, right? Grow them for a about a month and you’ll realize it’s necessity to be maintained. Everyone wants to look their best but here are few mistakes that women tend to do, and must avoid!

1. Over-Plucking!

1 If you use a magnifying mirror to pluck your eyebrows by yourself, you might be over-plucking it, because one often tends to create a shape according to them. If you have never learned it professionally, you must avoid it and do it to the minimal. You can stick to dull lightning so you can get rid of the unwanted, but not all.

2. Trying To Get Identical Eyebrows.

2 It is not necessary that you will get exactly identical eyebrows by yourself. It happens in salons but not if you aren’t in the profession. Thus, trying to have identical brows would only make you pluck more hair. In the end, you are going to have thin brows which you don’t want. So stop the struggle and use a brow brush.

3. Now, Don’t Over-Fill It.

3 You have make-up to make perfect eyebrows, but you shouldn’t over-do it because it will take all the attention away from your beautiful features. Feather strokes are alright and if you darken your brows too much, they will look thick and thus won’t look good.

4. Don’t Use Dark Color Too.

4 Find a color which is similar to the color of your natural brows. If you use what is way darker than your skin tone as well, it wouldn’t help you look any better. Rather, everyone would notice that it’s fake.

5. Keep It The Last.

5 Complete the rest of your make-up first, and then do your eyebrows. It is because after applying foundation, your face tone is going to look different than your natural skin color. It is best to color your eyebrows according to it.

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