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Today, everyone is concerned about their bodies and their appearance. One way to address this is by taking collagen pills, which have grown popular in the market for the past few years. As marketed, collagen is known to condition the skin and improve its elasticity. But did you know that collagen can do more than that? Collagen is normally present in the skin, tendons, ligaments, and other connective cells and tissues. They are considered as one of the most abundant proteins in the body. Aside from providing the skin with proper nutrition, it also works to nourish the body in different ways. Here are some of collagen's most common health advantages.


Nourishes the Skin


As you probably already know, collagen nourishes the skin. While it acts to strengthen skin cells, it also improves the skin’s elasticity. But beyond this usual marketing pitch, collagen pills can also be used to provide the skin with adequate hydration. It is why they are marketed for aging adults, whose skin naturally becomes dry, which then causes the formation of wrinkles. Additionally, collagen stimulates the body’s natural ability to produce collagen.


Alleviates Pain


Collagen is naturally found in connective tissues like cartilages and ligaments. It acts to protect the joints as the body is subjected to a lot of movement, making it a good choice for athletes. Because collagen pills stimulate the production of the protein in the body, it helps relieve joint pain often experienced by older people or those who have some difficulty producing natural collagen. Collagen is also scientifically proven to reduce inflammation, which could also explain why it relieves pain.


Boosts Muscle Mass


A maximum of 10 percent of muscle tissue consists of collagen. It is the most helpful for people with sarcopenia—a condition that results in the loss of muscles as a person’s age. Because of this stimulating property, collagen is also used by people who aim for muscle growth through exercise. In a study from 2015, participants committed to a daily exercise routine, with some of them taking collagen pills. Those who took collagen were seen to have significantly more muscle mass and strength than those who did not take collagen but exercised anyway.


Improves Heart Health


Collagen acts as a structural component in the body. It is, as mentioned earlier, seen in the skin and connective tissues. But in addition to this, collagen also makes up a portion of the structural material in the arteries. Without it, or if there is an insufficient amount of collagen, the arteries become fragile, making it difficult for them to function correctly and transport blood from the heart to the different organs in the body.

 3d illustration human body heart.human body organs. 

Collagen pills can help strengthen the arteries. They are also proven to increase the levels of good cholesterol, which helps reduce the risk of heart conditions like atherosclerosis that potentially leads to a heart attack or stroke. While the four benefits mentioned above are the most common ones, collagen is also theorized to have other health benefits. As a primary nutrient for the skin, it could also strengthen the nails and promote hair growth. It is also believed to help promote weight loss, which could be since collagen helps increase the levels of good cholesterol. While these are claims that need further studies, some health practitioners recommend the intake of collagen pills for these purposes.

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