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Every year most of us pledge to lose weight. However, as usual, the year rolls by and pledges made are forgotten. With the passage of time, most people tend to lose the impetus to stick determination and end up eating unhealthy. It only means that you still aren’t well aware of the fact how to achieve your goals. However, if you make even very small modifications in your diet and exercise regularly you will accomplish long term benefits and it will help lose weight. As per the medical experts, it has been projected that to lose weight one must stay highly active. Here we bring for you 30 easy tips that can help you in getting slimmer in a matter of just 30 days: 0

Day 1: Pen down your objectives and set an aim for yourself to achieve

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to pen down a target and set your goals in a memoir. For instance, “I will eat more veggies and lean meat”.

Day 2: Chuck out unhealthy foods items from pantry

Keep a tab on the foods with the tag “low-fat, reduced fats, or sugar-free” as these are the ones which often contain more fats, sugar and salt relatively to the full-fat forms.

Day 3: Weigh Yourself

According to fitness experts, every time you weigh yourself you get encouraged to lose weight. The process of weighing yourself prompts your brain to motivate you to lose weight.

Day 4: Do A Cardio Activity

Whether you like to cycle, swim, and jog or go out for long walks, make sure you do one of this cardio activity.

Day 5: Eat Smaller Portion

As per estimates, people who eat in the small plate are more likely to monitor their portion size, thereby cutting down the calorie intake as well. 1

Day 6: Go for Bird-Dog Planks

Start with normal plank position stretch your arm and reverse leg out. Change sides and follow 10 reps on each side.

Day 7: Include Avocados in your diet

In place of having a buttered toast, swap it with avocado toast. This will surge your fibre consumption and cut the fat.

Day 8: Control The Cravings Out Of Your Kitchen

Do you often feel like having doughnuts and buttered popcorn? Is your fridge stocked with all those unhealthy foods? If so, then it is high time to get rid of these junk items from your kitchen right away.

Day 9: Keep Going

Don’t be in sitting position for long in your work place. Take small breaks and go out for walks with your colleagues.

Day 10: Get On Scale Again

Keep weighing yourself every week as you will know how far you have been successful in losing weight. 2

Day 11: Beat Your Cardio Activity Time

Remember we told you to pick your favorite cardio activity on day 4. Today, you need to increase the time of your jogging. If you did for 15 minutes last time, then today aim for 20 minutes.

Day 12: Open Face Sandwich

Make a healthy open sandwich by using only one slice of bread as a base. You will cut down 100 calories by doing so.

Day 13: Take in Chilies In Dinner

Add a few chilies on your dinner plate as it will burn some of the additional calories.

Day 14: Set An Aim Again

Review the plan after 2 weeks and set a greater target and aim to go an extra mile for it.

Day 15: Eggs For Breakfast

Did you know that eggs keep you feel fuller for longer? So, kick start your day with this protein rich food to stay energized through the day. 3

Day 16: Include New Exercises

Ditch routine exercise with new ones, like aerobics to keep yourself spirited and encouraged.

Day 17: Workout Early In The Morning

Try to do to 10 minutes of quick workout early in morning to set your metabolic rate high for the rest of the day.

Day 18: Kettle Bell Swings

Dokettle bell swingsa day around 10 to 15 reps.

Day 19: Go For Veggies

Have lots of veggies for next 2 to 3 days and keep red meats out and as many veggies as you wish to have.

Day 20: Drink Water

Drinking water all through the day will help improve your metabolic rate. 4

Day 21: Workout All through The Day

Whether you’re taking shower or cooking, ensure you exercise all through the day for a couple of minutes.

Day 22: Go For walks After Lunch

Walk for at least 15 to 20 minutes after lunch as it will help to digest the food properly.

Day 23: Fruits And Vegetables Again

Pamper yourself with one fruit of your choice and one vegetable.

Day 24: Skipping

Do skipping at least 5 one minute intervals of two footed high skipping.

Day 25: Tabata Style

Do the high-intensity interval training like squat jumps, push ups, bur pees and sit-ups for 20 seconds intervals and relax for 10 seconds in between. 5

Day 26: Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keep yourself hydrated and drink 17 ounces of water before each meal. This way you will gorge less and feel fuller for longer.

Day 27: Use A New Gym Equipment

Making use of gym equipment you have never used before is a good idea including dumbbells, anklets weights or resistance bands.

Day 28: Feel The Power In Your Body

For this, you need to increase your workout schedule. For instance, if you had been doing 30 push ups a day then try to do at least 40 next times.

Day 29: Prepare Fiber Rich Food

Ensure you prepare a recipe with any fiber rich food such as quinoa or oats.

Day 30: Plan Out Your Following Goal Towards Weight Loss

You have finished the 30 days, now it’s time we look at your objectives, so pick your dairy and scribble down your goalmouths for the subsequent month. Good luck!

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