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Each time you think of following a workout the first thought that comes to your mind is to hit the gym. However this is not always possible especially you have a job that takes up most of your time or you’re travelling or there is no gym nearby your place. So how do you cope up with your weight and with no equipment how can you exercise? After all you do need the workout machines, dumbbells, barbells and other fitness equipments to bring your body in shape. Well if you thought body weight exercises can only be done in gym, then you are wrong. Here we are giving you some of the best exercises that you can follow anywhere, anytime with equipments at all. Some of the exercises may require you to step out of home but most of them can be easily done at comfort of your home or even while travelling. Scroll over:

1. Exercises For Your Heart – 2 Exercises

Untitled-1 Cardio exercises are excellent way to warm up your body and these exercises are easy it follow. According to fitness trainer Alistair Mills “Starting with a cardio exercise will slowly lift your heart rate. Increasing blood circulation and warming your muscles up is perfect way to start your workout.”Some of the examples of cardio are cycling, swimming, jogging, running and even a simple walking. Although these exercises require less effort, there are certain days when you don’t feel to step out of your home. But you don’t need to worry as you can follow a few exercises at home to raise your heartbeat. Follow the two exercises – jumping jacks and ski jump to increase your heart rate as explained in the image.

2. Working On Your Core – 8 Exercises

Untitled-2 Core strengthening moves are not only meant to give you six pack abs, but also these exercise improve your posture, prevent back injuries and back pain, provides balance and stability. Follow these core exercises that target your abs, obliques and work on your glutes. Alistair Mills says “Building a strong core is a way to improve your posture. It is amazing how standing up straight with your shoulders back can transform your shoulders back can transform your confidence and self esteem.” Follow planks, side planks, heel touchers, bicycle crunches, burpees, mountain climbers, flutter kicks and leg raises to complete your core exercises at home.

3. Strengthening Your Upper Body – 8 Exercises

Untitled-3 A strong upper body powers you up to follow tough workouts and maintains your body in good form as you train to boost your endurance. Toned up arms and shoulders not only give body a nice shape but also increase your capacity to do various tasks like lifting or pulling. Alistair Mill says “these compound exercises will target your chest, shoulders, arms and back. Involving all these muscle groups will create a strong balanced physique with the added benefit of burning lots of calories.” To strengthen your upper body Alistair recommends incline push-ups, full push-ups, chair dips, close grip triceps push-ups, lateral raises, seated shoulder press, bicep curls and slow hammers curls.

4. Strengthening Your Lower Body – 8 Exercises

Untitled-4 Just like upper body your lower body too needs to be strengthened. Lower body strengthening exercises target your hamstrings, glutes, and quads and lower back. Working on upper body alone is not enough to get a toned up body. You need to concentrate on your legs to tighten your midsection and boost up your metabolism. According to Alistair Mills, “Make lower body training your priority and benefit from stronger, leaner, better looking legs. Building a strong foundation will help you reduce the risk of injury by giving your joints extra support.” For your lower, Alistair recommends squats together variation of jump squats, lunges and walking lunges, glute kick backs and bird—dogs, glute bridges and hip extensions. The above given exercises routine was designed by fitness trainer Alistair Mills. The idea was to develop a workout plan that can easily executed at home and requires no equipment. Alistair said “the aim of our routine is to target all the muscle groups in one workout, this saves time and burns plenty of calories. We chose exercises that are easy to follow and produce quick results. Training 3-4 times per week wll help to build an all-round, balanced physique.”

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