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All women desire to look attractive and beautiful and this is why they invest their time on their beauty regime. In your everyday routine, you end up making some errors or face a few last minutes snags that ruin your beauty regime. But there are always a few tricks and hacks that can rescue your day and fix your beauty issues. To get your beauty in order we are providing you tips here that will save your time, fix the glitches and make you look gorgeous :

1. If your hair is too oily and has build up but you don’t have time wash it, use dry shampoo at night, by morning it will absorb all the oils and dirt.


2. Strengthen your brittle nails by dipping them in a tub of water to which lemon juice has been added. This will work as instant manicure for your hands too.


3. Smoothen out frizzy hair with application of coconut milk.


4. If your eye pencil has dried out, you can revive it by simply placing under heat. The heat will give your eye pencil a creamy texture.


5. Do not pump your mascara too many times as it adds air in your mascara and causes mascara to get bubbles and crumpled up.


6. Always blend in the lip liner with your lipstick to give your lips an even look. 6

7. Simply roll and twist your hair from tips and work your way up and snip of the split- ends easily.


8. To prop up your ponytail, fix in bobby pins on either side of hair elastic.


9. Fix smudged nail paint with help of natural instant repair that is locally available for smudged nail polish.


10. Follow this flow chart to get your eyebrows in perfect shape.


11. You don’t need to visit hair salon to cover up the greys from the roots, dab a bud in eye shadow that matches the colour of your hair and apply it in your hair.


12. To turn your pencil eyeliner into gel eyeliner, heat the tip of the liner with a lighter for few seconds.


13. To apply eyeliner perfectly, create a flick from outer corner of towards middle of your eye. Form a triangle at outer corner and stretch the line till inner corner and fill in the triangle.


14. To hide dark circles, apply concealer by making triangle under the eye with base below the eye, point ending at the cheeks. This will not conceal the dark circles but also lift up your face.


15. To add a shine to your hair, rinse your hair with cold water.


16. To prevent your hair from tangling, keep it open.


17. This is how you can fix your nail if it gets broken.


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