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Wearing too much mascara on the bottom lashes: Heavy mascara on the bottom lashes can cast a shadows and flake, creating the illusion of dark circles — it can even pull the eye down as a whole.

11 .

Do not use liquid eyeliners for under eyes, they will give an overwhelming look.

6 .

Always try to match the colour of your brows to your hair to give your face a uniform look and neat finish.

2 .

Don’t apply the eye makeup that makes eyebrows look too thick

3 .

Don’t over-fill your eyebrows

1 .

Use tiny hair strokes to make your eyebrows look natural

4 .

Do not skip applying foundation either as it will make look older.

5 .

Wearing bronzer all over

12 .

Wearing face powder

13 .

Perfect winged eyeliner mistake

14 .

Pick the right foundation

7 .

Liquid eyeliner is only meant for upper lid as it also needs to be dried. If you apply it on the lower, it will smudge.

8 .

Use bronzer correctly

9 .

De-tangling hair


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