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Women love to keep their hair long and strong as this adds to their beauty and makes them look charming. However we all know that there is no shortcut to getting long hair.

Our hair grows half an inch every month which makes it 6 inches a year. To grow your hair longer, you not only need to take good care of your hair but also keep your hair in good condition. Here are 12 tips that will help you get long and strong tresses you have always desired: .

1. Get Your Hair Trimmed Regularly

000 Trimming your hair at regular intervals is one of the important aspects of your hair growth. Our hair gets damaged at the tips with split ends which makes your hair look dry and frizzy.

Damaged hair with split ends reduces the growth of your hair and the frizzy tips give your hair uncanny appearance. Get your split ends trimmed off regularly to give your hair a neat finish. However do not overdo the trimming as you might end up having shorter hair. .

2. Use Hair Conditioner

00 Regular use of styling treatments and colouring causes thinning of hair over a period of time. Hair stylists and experts suggest using conditioner as conditioners replace the lipids and proteins inside the hair shaft. Hair conditioners also seal the hair cuticles and thus prevent further damage.

Use hair conditioner each time you shampoo your hair to give your smooth and soft texture. .

3. Don’t Wash your Hair Too Often

Untitled-1 Some women are in habit of washing their everyday as they believe that this keeps your hair squeaky clean. However washing hair everyday rips the natural moisture from your hair and hampers the growth of your hair. Excessive use of shampoo causes dryness in hair, making it look limp and dull as the hair loses its natural shine.

According to hair experts the purpose of shampoo is the wash away the dirt and build-up from your hair. But shampooing too often damages your hair. Shampoo your hair twice or thrice a week with gentle shampoo which cleanses your hair well. .

4. Oil Your Hair

Untitled-2 Pamper your crowning glory once a week by giving it a warm oil massaging. Massaging your hair with oil improves the blood circulation in your scalp which is essential for hair growth. To massage your hair you can use jojoba oil, olive oil, coconut oil or a combination of oils of your choice.

Add a few drops of castor oil to strengthen your hair. You can also wrap your hair in hot towel after you massage your hair with warm oil. This allows oil to seep in your roots. Leave the oil on your hair at least an hour before washing it. .

5. Eat Balanced Diet

Untitled-3 Just like your body, your hair too needs a healthy diet. Try including green leafy vegetables, lean fish and chicken and protein rich diet to get healthy and strong hair.

A healthy diet ensures that your hair gets all the essential minerals, vitamins and proteins required to maintain bouncy long hair. Apart from using good quality hair care products, make sure you consume a balanced diet that promotes your hair health and growth. .

6. Drink Water

Untitled-4 We all know that water helps to flush out toxins from our body and drinking sufficient quantities of water ensures your hair has natural moisture and does not get dried out. Make a habit of drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep your hair soft, smooth and healthy. .

7. Take Hair Supplements

Untitled-5 In addition to eating right food for your hair, it is essential to take supplements to improve the health of your hair. To improve the quality of your hair and grow your faster take supplements like folic acid, biotin and fish oil capsules. These hair supplements will help you to grow your hair faster and improve its texture.

Take advice from your hair expert and doctors to find which supplements you must take for your hair.

8. Do Brush Your Hair To Often

Untitled-6 Avoid brushing your hair too often, especially when it’s wet to avoid breakage. To remove the hair tangles while it is still wet use a wide tooth comb and run the comb from bottom to top. There is general tendency to run the comb from top to bottom however this bring long tangles down causing further breakage in your hair.

Brush your hair gently and avoid brushing your hair too often as it rips your hair from its natural oils.

9. Change You pillowcase

Untitled-7 Instead of using cotton pillow covers start using pillows with silk fabric pillow covers. Silk is a smooth fabric and causes less friction in your hair. This will prevent your hair from forming tangles.

10. Avoid Using Massive Towels To Wrap Your Hair

Untitled-8 Usually after washing hair, women wrap their hair in large towel to dry their hair.

However this practice causes hair breakage as the wet hair is fragile and gets caught in towel fibres. Opt for thin towels and simply pat dry your hair and do not keep your wrapped up in towels for longer duration. .

11. Rinse Your Hair With Cold Water

Untitled-9 After you shampoo your hair, give your hair final rinse with cold water. This in long run helps to grow hair as cold water lays outer hair smooth and locks in the moisture in your hair.

This prevents hair from getting frizzy and adds shine and lustre to your hair. .

12. Protect Your Hair From Pollution

Untitled-10 Each time you leave your home, ensure to cover your hair with a scarf or a summer hat to protect it from the harmful rays of sun and environmental pollution. This way you will keep your hair protect your hair from dust and prevent hair from losing its natural moisture..

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