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Our eye makeup wouldn’t be complete unless we perfectly tame up our eye lashes and sweep neat coat of mascara over them. All women desire to have long lashes with extra volume with a perfect curl. But instead of getting false lashes why not enhance your eyelashes naturally with few makeup tricks. Scroll over to find some of best eyelash hacks that will change the way your eyelashes look forever :

1. Heat up your lash curler with hair dryer to make your curler work more effectively on your lashes. Before using the curler on your lashes, check if it has cooled down.


2. To create intensity in your curls, rotate your curler upside down from use it from upper end of eye lashes.


3. To plump up your eye lashes, dust a coat of baby powder with a makeup brush in between the 2 coats of mascara application.


4. Hold a spoon when you apply mascara on your lower lash to avoid any smudges on your faces.


5. To get a natural finish, apply mascara vertically and to add thickness and volume to your lashes, use mascara want horizontally.


6. Another trick to thicken your lashes is coating both sides of lashes with mascara. Thia will make your lashes appear fuller.


7. To keep your lashes curled up for longer duration, sweep a thicker coat of mascara on the base of lashes and lighter stroke at the outer ends. Also you can wiggle mascara wand on your lashes back and forth to get curled lashes.


8. To make your mascara last longer on your lashes, apply the first coat with your regular mascara and finish it up with a second coat of waterproof mascara.


9. To prevent mascara from clumping on your eyes, dab the mascara wand a few times over a tissue. This will remove the excess mascara from the wand.


10. To use your mascara wand more effectively on your lashes, bend it a slightly. This will help you to apply mascara easily on you’re the hairs evenly.


11. To rewet your dried out clumpy mascara, add a few drops of saline solution. The saline water will smoothen out your mascara flakes. Make sure your mascara hasn’t crossed its expiry.


12. To remove the mascara smudges from your eyelids, allow it to get dry and then use a cotton bud gently over it. Do not try to remove the smudge while the mascara is still wet as it will ruin your eye shadow.


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