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We women love makeup and why not, makeup is all about making us look pretty and beautiful. But often while applying makeup we make some mistakes which can give you an uncanny appearance. The small little makeup blunders are something that makeup artist suggest must be avoided as they can actually make you look older than your age. There are some common makeup errors that we all have made at some or the other point of time, unknowingly these mistakes not only spoil your look but can also spoil your day. Scroll over as we explore the common makeup faux pas and how you can fix them :

1. Storing Makeup In Bathroom

1 Image: Source It is normal for women to place their makeup and makeup brushes in bathroom as this is where they get ready. However our bathrooms are humid which makes a perfect environment for bacteria to infest. If the makeup is stored in bathroom, the bacterial spreads to your makeup and eventually to you. To avoid this store your makeup in a cool dry place and avoid placing it in washroom.

2. Too Much Face Powder

2 Image: Source Sweeping face powder over foundation is good idea to give your face a matte finish. But if the same is applied in excess it can give your face an unnatural tone and make you look older than your age. Face powder usually gets settled in between fine lines and wrinkles giving your face a haggard look. To avoid this apply the powder lightly on your T-zone and cheeks. Alternatively opt for a translucent face powder which won’t give your face a caked look and give you perfect matte finish.

3. Over Lining Eyes

3 Image: Source Your makeup isn’t complete without applying eyeliner. However you must make sure that you apply a thin line of eyeliner on both upper and bottom eyelash to make your eyes appear bigger. Avoid applying a thick layer as it will make your eyes look smaller and give your eyes a panda look. Lightly define your eyes using an eye shadow of upper lash and smudged brushed on lower lash.

4. Not Applying Mascara

4 Image: Source Many women skip mascara in their makeup, which gives their makeup an unfinished look. Mascara brightens up your eyes and gives a defined look to your face. Infact if you apply mascara then it is not essential to apply eyeliner. And if you use mascara with curled up wand then you can even skip using eye curlers. However make sure you apply just one flick of mascara, excess mascara application will give your eyes a spidery look.

5. Not Cleaning Makeup Brushes

5 Image: Source Just like your face, your makeup brushes too need a regular cleaning. Makeup brushes are susceptible to germs, bacterial growth, debris, pollution and oil that it catches from your skin as well from air. Clean your brushes once a week if you wear makeup every day. If you wear makeup once in a while, clean them once in 2 weeks.

6. Matching Foundation On Back of Your Hand

6 Image: Source Since the color of hand is quite different from rest of our body, you shouldn’t match the foundation color with the back of your hand. Instead apply the shade on your jaw line and check the one closest to your neck and face, buy that color tone only.

7. Sleeping With Makeup On

7 Image: Source Our skin goes through its own renewal process at night. However if you sleep with the makeup on then it will clog your pores, cause breakouts and age your skin. Ensure to remove makeup properly before you retire to bed. This will prevent your skin from getting wrinkled, tired and patchy.

8. Wearing Waterproof Mascara

8 Image: Source A waterproof mascara is a must have when you have a long day ahead, however wearing the same everyday can make the hair of your eyelashes dry and brittle. This can cause shortening of eyelashes or even cause them break off in long run. Try to use regular mascara for everyday use and use waterproof mascara once in a while.

9. Skipping Skin Care Regime

9 Image: Source A proper skin care regime goes a long way in preventing your skin from every day damage and aging. Invest in a good moisturising lotion and eye cream to form a base for your makeup. A good makeup base gives a smooth finish to your makeup and makes it look more natural.

10. Wearing Too Much foundation

10 Image: Source The purpose of wearing a foundation is to cover up the uneven skin tone, however if you wear too much of it, you will end up having a caked up look. This blotchy look will make you look older and slowly you would notice your skin has fine lines and wrinkles. Apply foundation lightly to cover the uneven skin and to hide blemishes or spots use a concealer.

11. Skipping Sunscreen

11 Image: Source Sunscreen is an essential part of your everyday skin care. However a SPF 15 sunscreen will protect your skin only for few hours. It is suggested to use a settling powder that has SPF 25 and reapply this all through the day to prevent sun damage and set makeup properly.

12. Wrong Concealer

12 Image: Source Concealer is of usually two kinds, one that is meant for under eyes and one for your face to cover the blemishes. For your under eyes always choose a shade that is 2 shades lighter than your skin tone. This trick will cover the dark circles well and give an illusion of brighter skin tone. Use a concealer that is in same shade as your own skin tone to cover up blemishes properly and give your face a natural finish.

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