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1. Here's how you can create a perfect winged eyeliner with the help of spoon.

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2. You can also use the curved edge to get your cat eye just right!

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3. Broken makeup is the worst!! Mix some rubbing alcohol with your crumbled eyeshadow and press it back together with the back of a spoon and it’ll be good as new.

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4. You can also take some of the broken shadow, mix it with any clear lip gloss, and voila!

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5. Have a hard time getting your eyebrows on fleek? Use a spoon as a guide!!

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6. Puffy eyes are the worst! Stick a spoon in the freezer then put it on your eye bags to reduce the puffiness.

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7. There’s no need to buy an expensive eyelash curler — just use a spoon!

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8. Say goodbye to annoying mosquito bites!

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9. If you have a hard time contouring your cheekbones, you can use a spoon to help guide you.

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10. Mix two of your favorite nail polish colors in a spoon to make a sick marble nail look.

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11. Never smudge your mascara again with the help of this handy plastic-spoon shield:

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12. The edge of a spoon can be the perfect guide to create a straight winged-eyeliner look.

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