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Vaseline Beauty Tips for everyday life. Vaseline has been considered as a versatile product to protect, treat and heal your skin. This one stop solution product helps you to deal with your everyday skin issues like cracked heels, chapped lips, skin rashes and reliefs skin from cuts, wounds and burns. This “must have in your vanity” product comes with host of beauty benefits too. From smoothing out dried skin to healing your cuticles Vaseline is said to have over 100 benefits. Grab Vaseline today and see how this multitasking product comes handy in your everyday beauty:

1. Apply vaseline on your eyelids and rub in gently until makeup loosens up, wipe your eyes with cotton pad and wash your eyes well.


2. Apply a coat of Vaseline on your cuticles before applying the nail polish to protect your nail colour from smudging on to the skin around the nails.


3. Get luscious rosy pink lips by applying Vaseline on your lips every night. To heal chapped lips, apply Vaseline 2 to 3 times a day.


4. Take some Vaseline in your fingertips and rid in your hair ends, this will smoothen out the dry and frizzy hairs.


5. Make your perfume stay longer on your body by applying Vaseline on your skin before spraying your perfume.


6. Smoothen out unruly eyebrows by taming them up with a coat of vaseline, it will also arch your eyebrows naturally.


7. Prevent your feet chaffing by applying Vaseline over the skin area which is prone to chaffing.


8. If your elbows are getting dried and cracked up, soften them by applying Vaseline over them. Follow this quick remedy twice a day for better results.


9. Vaseline works great as lip exfoliate, apply a thick layer of Vaseline on your lips and leave it for few minutes, gently scrub it off with help of a soft toothbrush to remove dead skin.


10. Before colouring your hair, apply Vaseline on your hair line to protect your skin from harmful chemicals.


11. Prevents Chafing - If your shoes soul hurts you than don’t worry just apply some Vaseline over on your heels and the balls of your feet to walk freely without feeling any pain.


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