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Makeup is no longer limited to special occasions or parties, it is now an essential part of your everyday dressing. Stepping out of home without any makeup is a big no these days. However when makeup application is a time consuming process which at times can make you skip it. But did you know that you don’t need to spend long hours in front of mirror to apply makeup. You can get a perfect look in matter of few minutes by following a few quick makeup tricks. Scroll over to find makeup tips that you can easily follow to make your makeup routine easier, save time and make you look awesome :

1. Outline With Pencil Eyeliner

Image: Source Applying eyeliner requires a bit of practice and time, especially if you are applying liquid eyeliner. To make it easier, outline the eyeliner flick with eyeliner pencil first and then apply the liquid eyeliner over it.

2. Add Volume To Your Lashes

Image: Source To make your lashes appear thicker, dust baby powder over them in between mascara application. Apply a coat of mascara on your lash and dust baby powder with help of a eye brush. Apply another coat of mascara to get fuller look in your lashes.

3. Use Mascara As Eyeliner

Image: Source If in case you run out of eye liner, use mascara as eye liner, all you need is a thin eye liner brush.

4. Cat Eyeliner In Easy Steps

Image: Source Cat eyeliner flick can easily be created in 6 simple steps. Trace lash line with eye pencil, use liquid eyeliner to define eyelash, then swipe a stroke out and create a flick. Create triangle and fill it in to finish it off.

5. Get Fuller Lips With Toothbrush

Image: Source To get soft and fuller lips, brush your lips with toothbrush. This trick will slough off dead skin from your lips and improve blood circulation in your lips making them look sensual.

6. Revive Mascara

Image: Source If your mascara dries out, simply add a few drops of warm water to it and shake it well. Your mascara will revive in few minutes. You can also restore flaky mascara by adding a few drops of saline water solution in mascara tube.

7. Use Lipstick As Rouge

Image: Source When you run out of blush on or rouge, just dab a bit of lipsticks on your fingers and blend it on your cheeks.

8. Exfoliate Face With Sponge

Image: Source To clean the pore and exfoliates face use cosmetic sponges like Konjec sponge to get clear skin.

9. Pop Up Your Eye Shadows

Image: Source To pop up your eye shadow, cover your eyelid with white eye shadow at he base before applying the colour eye shadows.

10. Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

Image: Source To make your lipstick last longer, apply lipstick as usual, place a tissue paper on your lips and dust translucent powder over it.

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