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Girls and women of all ages love to keep themselves look pretty and beautiful. Although you all make sure that you look perfect all the time, but in the rush of morning hours or just in nick of time, you end up with some little glitches and beauty faux pas. Instead of getting panicked, you can try to resolve these little beauty issues with quick fixes. Revamp your beauty regime to get the gorgeous look with beauty hacks and tricks that we are giving you here:

1. Winged Eyeliner

7 Image: Source To create winged eyeliner in a jiffy, draw liner from inner corner of eyes to outer corner, drag the flick and create a triangle. Fill in the triangle at the outer corner to complete the look.

2. Nail Filer

1 Image: Source It is important to use a good quality nail filer on your nails to get them into shape. Instead of cutting them off every once in a while as nail filer enhances the beauty of nails and makes them stronger.

3. Fuller Lips

8 Image: Source To make your lips appear fuller, fill in the center of your lips with a lighter shade of lipstick and then blend in your regular lipstick shade.

4. To save your clothes from sweat stains, place this pad on your under arms.

2 Image: Source

5. To make your lipstick stay longer on your lips, after applying lipstick, place a tissue paper your lips and swipe a brush that has been dipped in translucent powder. The tissue will absorb the excess lipstick and the translucent powder will give it a matte look.

3 Image: Source

6. Reattach a broken lipstick back to its base by melting the lipstick slightly with a lighter. Place the melted part over the base and reheat the edges slightly again. Avoid too much heat as it might melt away all of your lipstick.

4 Image: Source

7. To cover up eyeliner glitches, apply concealer to hide them and apply a coat of translucent powder over the concealer to give it a natural look.

5 Image: Source

8. Place a moleskin foot bandage to prevent your underwire bra from poking out.

6 Image: Source

9. Based on the shape of your feet, arch height and flexibility, it is best to measure the max height of heel you can wear and invest accordingly on your high heels.

9 Image: Source

10. When you run out of shaving cream, use hair conditioner to shave, this will work well on skin and leave it soft too.

10 Image: Source

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