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Girls and women of all ages love to keep themselves look pretty and beautiful. Although you all make sure that you look perfect all the time, but in the rush of morning hours or just in nick of time, you end up with some little glitches and beauty faux pas.

Instead of getting panicked, you can try to resolve these little beauty issues with quick fixes. Revamp your beauty regime to get the gorgeous look with beauty hacks and tricks that we are giving you here: .

1. Perfect Winged Eyeliner

11 .

2. Curl Your Hairs Like A Pro

12 .

3. Heart-shaped Face, Like Selena Gomez

13 .

4. How To Refine A Nose That Is Too Big Ot Too Wide

14 .

5. Use A White Or Light Eyeliner To Really Make Your Eyes Pop (Or Hide How Tired/hungover You Are)

15 .

6. Lipstick Finger Trick

16 .

7. Put Your Hair Up With A Pencil

17 .

8. Use Baby Powder To Make Your Eyelashes Look Longer

18 .

9. Make Your Lip Color Last All Day

19 .

10. Concealer Tips & Tricks


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