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Revamp your beauty regime to get the gorgeous look with beauty hacks and tricks that we are giving you here:

1. Slightly Warm Up Your Eyelash Curler With Blow Dryer To Make Curling Up Easier And Make The Curl Last Longer.

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2. Make Your Eye Pencil Work Gel Eyeliner By Heating The Tip With A Lighter.

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3. Here’s How You Can Create A Perfect Winged Eyeliner With The Help Of Spoon.

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4. Mix Two Of Your Favorite Nail Polish Colors In A Spoon To Make A Sick Marble Nail Look.

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5. Tape Gives You Even Less Room For Mistakes

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6. Apply Lipstick Without Getting It On Your Teeth

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7. Use Bobby Pin To Create Contour Brush Using A Blush Brush

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8. Try French Manicure With Rubber Band

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9. Easy Winged Liner Technique

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10. Use A White Or Light Eyeliner To Really Make Your Eyes Pop (Or Hide How Tired/hungover You Are)

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