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In a single given day we do so many activities and we never notice or care that we might not be doing it the right way. Be it holding the pen or do an exercise or eating out, there are several ways to do a thing but unconsciously we do it in in-correct way. While we are not saying that everything you do should be done in perfection but we can always do the things correctly to make our life easier. Bring in small changes in the way you have been doing the things to see how your day will become less demanding, you will the desired result and you will less irritated:

1. You may have been wearing ransack or backpack loosely on your shoulders. Instead tighten up those buckles given on the shoulder straps to let the ransack sit properly on your shoulders.


2. Instead of holding the pizza lightly, grip the pizza slice firmly from the corner.


3. Never hold a wine glass in between 2 fingers, instead hold it well in your palm.


4. Do the squats correctly without bending your knees.


5. Always hold your pen with a firm grip with right techniques and in right direction.


6. Do not wear earphones straight on your ears as they will keep falling out, the correct technique to wear your earphones is wearing them around your ears.


7. The right way of wearing bobby pins is by tucking in the crisscross surface under your hair and smooth surface on the top of hair.


8. Make a slit in your band-aid, place it over the cut or wound and overlap the band to prevent it from falling off.


9. Fold your trousers and overlap it sideways to keep the crease its crease in place.


10. Hold the burger with upside down with your thumb and pinky finger over it and remaining three fingers to prevent spilling out of its fillings.


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