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From the time when you are little angel, you start to fancy lipstick as you watch your mother adorn her favorite lipstick on her lips. And soon as you mother allows you to start wearing lipsticks, they become your best friends forever. But a perfect lipstick application requires a bit of preparation and technique that goes a long way in maintaining the look. Scroll over as we explore some of the lipstick errors and how we fix them:

1. Chapped Lips

1 Applying lipstick over dry, flaky lips leads to patchy looking lips.

2. Mismatched Lipstick and Liner:

2 While many of you might like this effect, we suggest having a good match between your lipstick and liner for a flawless finish.

3. Skipping the Corners:

3 It is pretty common to miss the inner corners of your lips while applying a lipstick. To avoid the same, open your mouth and use a thin lip brush to apply lipstick to the corners.

4. Not Keeping Teeth Clean

4 Some women have habit of biting their lips which leaves lipstick marks on the teeth. Care must be taken these marks are removed immediately.

5. Not Choosing Right Shade

5 Often women pick the lipstick shade just because it is in trend or their bff has it. But before you choose the lipstick, make sure that the shade is as per your skin tone.

6. Using too Much Of Lip Liner

6 Apply lip liner moderately on your lips as too much of lip-liner can spoil the look of the lipstick.

7. You’re wearing your liner the wrong way:


8. You're over-applying lipstick


9. Avoid Lipstick Stain On Teeth?


10. Not Using Lip Liner


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