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When you have your baby in your hands, it is the most amazing feeling in the world. But, after the baby is born, mothers don’t like the excess weight they have put on, or what should we call “baby fat”. It is normal and of course, one shouldn’t be ashamed of their body. Still, women want to get their pre-pregnancy weight back and who doesn’t, after all? It takes about a year to get rid of baby fat but there are moms who drop those pounds quite quickly. So here today we are going to share some tips that will help you to lose belly fat after pregnancy.

1. Breast-Feeding

1 Your doctor must have given you the advice of breast-feeding your child regularly for the health of your baby, but what you might not have been told is that it helps in burning extra calories in your body as well. Lactation resets your metabolism levels to the normal, as it changes during pregnancy.

2. Take Walks

2 You should not indulge in heavy exercise immediately, but walking can be beneficial. Even if you are suffering from post-baby depression, which many moms do, you can develop good moods if you remain physically active. Light running could also be done, if you are comfortable with it. This will improve your cardiovascular health.

3. Exercise 30 Minutes

3 When you have surpassed three months after the delivery, you can go back to the tough exercises. They work the most when it comes to losing fat. Start with easy ones so you don’t feel too tired or feel any kind of pain. Light weight training will also improve your metabolic rate and give you your strength back.

4. Stay Hydrated

4 Drink plenty of water as it also aids in improving your metabolism. If you have two glasses of water before a meal, that will work great in helping you shed some pounds. It is recommended for everyone who is trying to lose weight. When you don’t drink enough water, your urine color changes and you would know you are having enough when it’s clear.

5. Manage Your Stress

5 We know that your life has just changed and you might be taking a lot of stress while taking care of the baby, but the hormones which are released because of that stress lead to fatigue, irritability and weight retention or weight gain. You would also want to eat more, resulting in you having fast foods. You should try to enjoy your “me” time by asking your partner or some friend to take care of the baby for a while.

6. Eat Healthy

6 If you have unhealthy food, you will feel tired all the time and it won’t still keep your hunger satisfied. This is why, you must have healthy meals and all the basic nutrients that are required by your body. Opt for foods that are rich in fiber and proteins. Indulge in fruits and dairy products as much as you can. And you must avoid chips and sodas as they only have “empty calories”.

7. Have Oats During Breakfast

7 Don’t skip breakfast to reduce your weight, but rather have a healthy meal during that time. Moreover, it is especially recommended for mew mothers to have a good breakfast because if they skip it, it can hamper their milk supply. Oatmeal is rich in fiber content and it will make you feel full for longer duration and also help in detox. It improves the hemoglobin which is essential for new moms.

8. Sleep Properly

8 You should ensure a proper sleep as it will give you energy for carrying out the next day well. You can do your exercises and not get stressed that easily. Well, we know how moms can find it difficult to sleep well but try as much as you can. When your baby sleeps, you should sleep and split night time duties with your partner.

9. Watch What You Eat

9 Be careful that you don’t indulge in too many snacks. It is not good for the baby who is still having your milk as well. Choose options which are healthy and make you feel full. Fresh fruits like carrot sticks are the best option for you. Yes, say no to junk food if you want to get rid of your fat.

10. Belly Wrap

10 Postpartum abdominal wraps are not a bad idea and it has been used since ages. It has good effects. The gentle compression on the abs because of the wrap will help the uterus get back to its original size quickly. But you must not rely only on it and accompany it with exercises and plenty of water in-take.

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