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Our mornings are busy with the morning bustles, through the day we are tied up with college/work and evenings are just as hectic as the day. With so much to do, as you look at the things around yourself, you simply wish, things were bit more organised or were done in different way to save time and even make you look attractive. We all love to try on different hacks and tricks – organizing your pins to staking up of your makeup, you will love the hacks that we are bringing you here today, read on :

1. Fold your tee shirts just like laundry men and stack them in drawer neatly.


2. This is how you can turn your jeans into skinny jeans.


3. This easy-to-do hairstyle just takes a few minutes to complete.


4. Worried about your bra straps popping out, secure them by stitching bra clasp strap on the insides of your shirts.


5. Give extra grip to nail polish bottle by securing the caps with rubber bands.


6. Stack your hair pins, booby pins on a magnet stand to keep your dresser stand neat and tidy.


7. Keep your scarves, sunglasses, and mobile earphones, chargers organised neatly with this DIY rubber band on the wall shelves.


8. Organise your makeup by placing them on a magnetic board.


9. Organise your scarves and stockings in coat hangers to choose the scarves or soks easily.


10. Prevent discolouring of insides of your fingers with a coat of clear nail polish on the rings.


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