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In the modern world today where people are too busy in their lives, our health has taken a backseat. In order to meet the everyday ends, people often end up eating unhealthy fast foods. Along with over eating, factors like stress, sedentary jobs, unhealthy lifestyle habits, hormonal imbalance and other health issues all add up and lead to obesity. Today a major part of world’s population is dealing with obesity. While everyone is aware of the health risks that come with obesity, people generally do not do anything to improve upon their health. In order to fight obesity, it is essential to take a few steps that will help you to lead a better life and improve on your overall well being. Even though we have the knowledge we often overlook our health especially obesity and this is where it becomes challenging as we think fighting obesity requires a lot of workout and physical training. Instead of making drastic changes in your lifestyle or do strenuous workouts, incorporate a few easy to follow tips and tricks in everyday routine to lose weight:

Understanding Difference Between Healthy Living And Weight Loss

Untitled-1 According to fitness expert and a health coach there is a huge difference between weight loss and healthy living. While the two go hand in hand, weight loss achieved by following fanatic diets or supplements can give you desired results but the results will not last longer. Infact going such diets will lead to loss of essential nutrients from your body. To lose weight adopting healthy lifestyle is necessary. Aim to lose weight with long term weight loss plan through which you not lose weight but also keep your body healthy and the results achieved will last longer. If you want to lose weight and achieve a good health you will need to adopt a few habits that will energize your system, improve your metabolism and help you to shed pounds from your body.

1. Set Yourself A Target – Identify Why You Want To Lose Weight

Untitled-2 The first important aspect of weight loss is to understand why you want to lose weight. Apart from this set yourself a target to ascertain how much of weight you need to lose. Keep your targets and reason you want lose in front of you or place it on your wall, where you can see it every day. A powerful statement of why you want to lose weight will keep you motivated.

2. Involve A Friend – Get A Buddy To Keep Yourself Motivated To Losec Weight

Untitled-3 Losing weight can be fun when you add a friend or two in your journey to weight loss. Share your targets, progress and motivate each other to blast off the extra fats. Involve a friend with similar mindset and similar weight loss goal. Accountability is the key here thus keep a tab on each other’s progress and share your ideas and routines with one another.

3. Keep A Journal

Untitled-4 Take a dairy and start recording what you eat through the day. By the end of the day you will be surprised to notice how many excess calories you have consumed. Track your food and drinks consumption for a week to determine which foods are making you feel lousy and which ones are working as energizers for you. Record all your fitness related stuff like your calorie intake – calories burned, what you’re eating, where all you need to improvement. This journal will help you make better food choices and keep you from overeating.

4. Plan You Meals

Untitled-5 Plan your meals for one week in advance and follow the chart according. To begin you can plan only what you will eat in your breakfast for one week. Next week together with your breakfast plan out your lunch for one week and subsequently add your dinner in third week. This way you will end up eating only the right foods and correct quantities.

5. Load Up Vegetables

Untitled-6 Aim to eat at least 2 serving a day of vegetables. According to experts one must eat 5 servings of vegetables a day, however it may not be practically possible. Make a habit to eat to eat veggies everyday in forms of soups and salads.

6. Eat Slowly

Untitled-7 Experts suggest that we must chew and eat our food slowly. This allows proper absorption foods in the digestive tract. Give yourself at least 20 minutes to finish eating your food. Eating slowly also ensures that you end eating once you are satisfied not over stuffed.

7. Drink Water

Untitled-8 Just as you log your food in your journal, log in how much of water you are consuming each day. Set yourself a target of drinking 8 glasses of water every day. Water not flushes out the wastes and toxins from your body but also boosts up your metabolism. Often we confuse our thirst as hunger and gulp down extra calories, drink water to see if you were really hungry and eat accordingly.

8. Don’t Over Strain Yourself To Exercise

Untitled-9 It is not important to exercise for 1 hour every day. Ensure that you follow a practical exercise routine for yourself. If you cannot exercise more than 20 minutes don’t over strain your body. Instead chose a form of cardio workout, simply go for walking, jogging or swimming. The idea is to keep your body moving.

9. Cut The C.R.AP.

Untitled-10 When you are planning to lose weight simply avoid the foods that get listed as CRAP, which C stands for chemicals, R for refined foods, A for artificial sweeteners and P for preservatives. Avoid chemicals like soy isolate, brominated vegetable oil potassium bromated or other harmful chemicals. Avoid refined flours, sugars, enriched wheat, and artificial sweeteners like saccharine, aspartame or artificial flavourings added to foods. Avoid foods that contain preservatives like sodium nitrate or propyl gallate.

10. Get Sleep

Untitled-11 Make sure that you sleep for 7 hours a day at least 5 to 6 times a week. A sound sleep ensures that your body works properly and is well prepared for the weight loss. You will be more energetic and less stressed. Keeping awake for longer hours also make you eat more food which again leads to weight gain. Try to sufficient sleep to get attain a healthy body.

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