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It is true that makeup enhances our outer beauty and this is why makeup is an essential part of your everyday beauty. However in the hustle bustle of our daily routine we often get glitches like mascara gets dried up or eye pencil becomes hard.

To save up your time and revamp your makeup, you need beauty hacks that will make look stunning in matter of minutes. Scroll over to find some incredible makeup hacks to bring out your gorgeous best: .

Fill Your Brows the Right Way

10 .

Use Tiny Hair Strokes to Make Your Eyebrows Look Natural

12 .

Use a Spoolie Brush to Blend Out the Product

15 .

Follow the Natural Shape of Your Brow

17 .

Use a Pencil to Find Your Natural Brow Tail

26 .

Use Flick Motions to Evenly Distribute Your Brow Product

29 .

Taper Off Your Product to Focus on Your Arches

37 .

Use Brow Mascara to Conceal Sparse Areas

46 .

Use Concealer Instead of Highlighter to Brighten Your Brow Area

63 .

Use a Spooly Brush to Round Out the Brow Arch


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