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Over past couple of years, nail art has not been so seriously taken in the fashion industry. However, it gradually created sensations on various online platforms with many whizzes coming forward and posting pictures of art online.

Earlier, it was just the cup of tea of professionals who know how to create this form or art. But lately, I had been doing some research on this subject and figured out that you can create different forms of nail art simply by following the easy to do steps. Some of the easy hacks I found out on Pinterst, which I would be definitely sharing with you in this post. Scroll down to have a look at some of the hacks: .

Water Drop Nail Art

11 .

Floral Nail Art

12 .

Half Moon

0 .

Marble Nails

1 .

Rainbow Sprinkles Nail Tutorial

2 .

Purple And Yellow Color Block Nail Tutorial

3 .

Mani Monday

4 .

Neon French Tips Nail Tutorial

7 .

DIY Flag Nails

9 .

Floral Nails


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