10 Amazing Stretches That You Should Do Every Damn Day!

If you are on the weight loss journey, you may have tried almost doing everything from hitting the gym to doing cardio exercises to following healthy diet plans.

But, yoga is the new fitness mantra that many people across the globe are following now days. Yoga is a science of keeping your mind, body and inner soul in peace. Yoga is known for its benefits to calm the nerves, distress mind and energies your body inside out. It helps to improve blood circulation, oxygen flow in the body and improves functioning of all your body organs. Yoga also helps to reduce belly fat and give you trim tummy. You can follow a couple of yoga poses to shed those extra pounds from your body and get a toned up midsection.

Scroll over find some of best and easy to follow yoga poses:

1. If you want to give your abs a stretch:

2. If you want to stretch those hip flexors:

3. If you want to stretch your lower back:

4. If you want to stretch your upper back:

5. If you want to stretch out your biceps:

6. If you want to stretch out your triceps:

7. If you want to stretch your glutes:

8. If you want to get your groin and inner thighs:

9. If you want to stretch your hamstrings:

10. If you want to stretch your quads:

Gif’s Source: Buzzfeed

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