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It is frustrating when you are on weight loss journey and you have done everything from eating right to working out and following a strict exercise regime but not yet seeing yourself dropping those pounds from body. It’s really annoying when you see your weigh scale not showing you the desired results. Here are 6 culprits that are actually preventing your body from shedding that fat away, scroll over to find the reasons that are sabotaging your fat loss:

1. You are Not Eating Right Food

1 Image: Source Its not just about eating light meals that will make you lose weight, rather it is eating the right foods in right quantities that actually matter. Eating too less of food can leave you low on energy which slows down your metabolism and prevents weight loss. Make sure that you follow a healthy diet and do not cut down on your food intake, instead choose healthy foods like lean meats, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables and fibre rich foods. Instead of having 4 full meals, break your routine to have 6 small meals with healthy food options.

2. You Are Stressed

2 Image: Source According to fitness experts, when you are stressed out you tend to eat more to curb your stress. Stress also slows down your metabolism and leads to food cravings which add extra calories to your body. Most people tend to eat sugary foods and snacks to deal with their stress. Instead of curbing stress with unhealthy food choices, try to relax your mind and adopt a hobby which will reduce your stress levels.

3. You Are On Monotonous Exercise Routine

3 Image: Source Working out and following a routine for exercising is great but if your routine remains monotonous over a period of time it will no longer kick the fats in your body. Our body gets adapted the exercise routine we follow and this makes our workouts less effective for us. Our body needs to be challenged continuously and this is why it is essential to switch your exercise and try some new exercises every few days.

4. You Are Eating While Watching Food

4 Image: Source According to researches when you are eating food while watching TV, you tend to eat more. This happens because sub consciously your mind does not recognise how much you have eaten and you keep on munching more and more calories. According to a study people who eat while watching TV are not aware of what they are eating and how much they are eating.

5. You Eat A Lot After Exercising

5 Image: Source Many people are in habit of eating a lot of food after they exercise. This generally happens because we often overestimate our workouts and assume that since we have exercised enough we can eat more. It is ok to over indulge once in a while but over indulgence everyday just by basing on the fact that you are exercising will no longer allow your body to lose weight. Train your mind to not to overeat after workouts and choose healthy foods over unhealthy foods.

6. You Go Overboard On Cheat Meal Days

6 Image: Source It is true that every once in a while we all love to go on cheat meals. But go overboard on such meals is yet another culprit that adds up extra calories in body and keeps your weigh scle stagnated. Instead of allowing yourself a cheat meal once a week, choose to eat some sin foods over the week so that you can keep your cravings at bay.

7. You Are Not Drinking Enough Water

7 Image: Source We all know that water is essential to ward off excess fats from body as it eliminates the waste products and toxins from our body. But if you notice that you are not losing weight, it could be possible that you are not keeping your body hydrated. When body gets dehydrated, kidneys don’t function properly and this puts an extra load on your liver. When liver has this extra load of work it is unable to burn to fats and these fats accumulate in your body. it is essential to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water to maintain your health and burn the extra fats.

8. You Stay On Your Desk All Day Long

8 Image: Source If you are on desk job or lead a sedentary lifestyle, you are likely to be staying on your desk all day long. This slows down your metabolism and due to this your weight does not decrease. Make a habit to get up from your seat every hour or so and walk for 5 to 10 minutes after your lunch break. Park your car a bit far from your place, skip escalators and lifts and climb stairs whenever possible. These small changes go long way in helping you lose weight.

9. You Are Not Getting Enough Sleep

9 Image: Source When your body lacks sleep, it automatically signals your brain to eat more. This is yet another reason that in spite of following a regular exercise regime you are not losing weight. according to a research if you are sleeping for fewer hours you end up eating 300 calories and 21 gms of fat more than those who are sleep for 7 to 8 hours a day.

10. You Are Setting High Goals For Your Weight Loss

10 Image: Source Many people set their weight loss goals very high. They set unrealistic targets for themselves to lose weight. Some people want to lose weight too quickly, however this is a wrong approach to lose weight. Setting higher weight goals or giving your body a shorter duration to lose weight becomes a hindrance in your weight loss. Set yourself realistic weight loss targets and adopt a healthy lifestyle to achieve your goals.

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