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Ever wondered why minions love bananas? Well, don’t! It is better that you think why human should eat bananas. (and I think minions have it, because both are yellow?) It might not be that tasty and you may tease those people who prefer eating it by calling them a monkey, but it does have magnificent results when it comes to health of a human being. Here is a list which tells you how eating 2 bananas in a day would significantly improve your health.

1. Normal Arterial Pressure

1 Bananas contain around 420mg of potassium. Potassium is very good for reducing high blood pressure and is generally used in the medicines for patients who suffer high blood pressure. Thus, if you want to prevent it, and avoid the risk of having a heart attack, you must include bananas in your daily diet.

2. You Will Lose Weight

2 They have a lot of fiber content, which helps in anti-oxidation of food inside your body. This also results in reducing your appetite and you won’t feel that much hungry throughout your day. Sugar level inside your body gets reduced and you develop sensitivity to insulin. It is important that your body resists insulin because otherwise, your body won’t absorb the glucose as much and it would result in fat storage.

3. You Don’t Tend To Be Anemic

3 Red blood cells should be in high content as they provide you enough energy, but if you suffer from anemia, you would become pale and feel tired all day long. Bananas have a lot of iron in them, which improves the hemoglobin level of your body and also has good quantity of Vitamin B6 which regulates the glucose levels.

4. Improvement in Digestion

4 There is resistant starch present in bananas which reaches large intestine and provides nutritional environment for healthy bacteria to grow. This improves the gastro-intestinal track. Even if the person is suffering from gastritis, bananas can be easily digested and thus, restore the lost minerals in the body.

5. Reduced Stress

5 Everyone suffers from stress these days (even the minions! Now I got my answer, why they love it). But bananas contain tryptophan which helps in improving the mood by releasing the hormone “serotonin”. 27 mg of magnesium in banana is responsible for relaxation and healthy sleep. Now this is why monkeys are jumpy, eh?

6. No More Vitamin Deficiencies

6 Vitamin B6 and vitamin C, both are there in a banana, which are not so available in other vegetables. Fruits might have them, but you might not be fond of having s bit of apple every day. So get used to a having a banana instead as these vitamins are crucial for regulating hemoglobin levels as well as getting rid of harmful free-radicals present in your body.

7. You Gain Energy

7 May people who work out in the gym, are told by the trainers to have bananas for breakfast. It helps in reducing muscle cramps and you will be energized throughout the day. It also has plenty carbohydrates which you can burn in your gym session.

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