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Being fit and healthy through exercising regularly and eating healthy has become more important than ever. Every day we continue to motivate ourselves to get to that next level or reach that next step ensuring we improve upon our personal previous efforts. Due to these needs and wants to improve, advancements have arisen to help get us to where we want to go quicker. For example, protein shakes which now have multiple different purposes. They can supply more protein into our system when required and help us pile on the calories when required if we were going for increase size. Another example is the rise in equipment. Can equipment help us reach our goals? Questions are asked every day, more and more around certain types of equipment and here we’ll be giving valuable information about Sauna Vests.

What is a Sauna Vest?

We’ve likely all been there, that moment whereby you go to the gym with not a lot of time and so you rush your workout. If you do this often and feel like you want to get more out of the time then, consider a Sauna Vest. A Sauna vest is a type of compression clothing for both men and women that can be worn during exercise to help the body deliver a higher level of productivity without the additional work and time. The material of a sauna vest is lightweight however skin-tight which helps with the scientific purpose of increasing the flow of blood around the body. Now imagine doing a quick workout and then imagine how you may feel if you had a skin-tight, lightweight sauna vest helping you to produce the additional efforts you want your body to feel.

The compression alone of the sauna vest enables your body to enhance its performance so it’s working harder to perform the giving exercise you’re doing. A sauna vest is essentially encouraging your body to work harder doing an exercise you would normally do.

Sauna vests also have other functions, they’re not limited to just exercise. You could wear a sauna vest as an undershirt as it can help to keep you warm during cold weather. It can contain the heat your body produces keeping you warm in colder climates.

What does a Sauna vest do?

A sauna vest enables your body to increase its productivity, working harder to complete the exercise routine you’re performing. From the moment you put on your vest, you will feel the tightness of it as it grips to your body. The lightweight material forms another skin layer to help your body work harder as blood flows around the body during a workout. There are also studies that show sauna vests increasing oxygen intake for our muscles which helps to increase and improve blood levels during a workout.

Wearing a sauna vest automatically gives you an edge especially when you’re looking for faster results or have less time for a workout. It can help support you in getting to the next level. Find out more about Sauna Vests by clicking here.

What are the effects of a Sauna Vest?

If you think a sauna vest is something, you’re considering then here is some more information around their effects to ensure you have the larger picture. Sauna vests have many benefits that are worth considering, such as:

  • Additional Sweating – Sweating helps to release traces of toxins left within our bodies. So, with the addition of a vest you will find you will sweat a lot more as the body increases its productivity. The kidney and liver are our bodies best detoxifiers and with a vest you can consider a sauna vest as a great method for this too.
  • Weight Loss – As you sweat a lot more wearing a sauna vest there are periods whereby heavy perspiration will occur, which is a loss of fluid from the body, which can result in weight loss. However, it’s also important to replenish your body with fluids.

Where should you be wearing a Sauna Vest?

A sauna vest can be worn to a number of places, so you are not limited as to where you can wear them too. Places to where them can be:

  • Gym – the obvious one, sauna vests are perfectly designed to be worn to the gym. The place where you go to work on your physical and mental mindset. Working out with a vest on at the gym will enhance your workout and get your body working harder.
  • On a Run or jog – If you are working on your cardiovascular fitness then you can also where a vest on a run or jog. It will help increase your body productivity through compression, making it work harder to achieve the goals you’re working on.
  • At Home – You can simply wear your vest in the comfort of your own home. They’re comfortable and so, you can generally increase your bodies productivity while you go on with daily routines.
  • Underneath clothing to stay warm – If you live in an area whereby the climate isn’t favourably warm, then wearing a vest underneath your outfit before you pop out can help keep your body temperature warmer.

Will Sauna Vests help lose belly fat?

Sauna vests being designed from non-breathable materials such as nylon or neoprene are designed to increase your body temperature, so you sweat more during your workout. While wearing it you will look to appear to have a flatter stomach as they are skin-tight however, any loss in weight is likely to happen from where you sweat excessively. So, it is possible to help with belly fat loss. However, it is important to always replace high intensity sweat sessions with additional liquids.


Sauna vests are rising more and more in popularity so it’s important you get the resourceful information you need to invest in one. They help people achieve their results as well as maintain their results. Athletes involved in sports such as boxing or wrestling utilize sauna vests, so it’s only fair we share their secrets with everyone else.

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