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You probably know at least half a dozen people who have a personal trainer and it isn’t just the wealthy that hire fitness professionals; people with serious sporting ambitions need specific training, while those who have let themself get out of shape prefer to use a fitness professional to ensure you reach your fitness goals. It takes 3-4 years of training to become a certified personal trainer; some work freelance, others work at gyms, fitness studios, and hi-end resorts.

Fear of failure

How many times have you made a New Year's Resolution to start working out and after a week or two, the novelty is gone? It can be tough to stay disciplined when you work out alone and when you hire a personal trainer, he or she isn’t going to let you slack off; part of their job is to motivate and push the client through the grueling sessions.

Professional guidance

If a youngster is a promising athletes, they need professional help when it comes to fitness and workout routines, after which, they can enjoy a relaxing เครื่องนวดเท้าเพื่อสุขภาพ (massage chair), which you can order online from a leading Thai manufacturer of massage chairs with an excellent reputation. Along distance runner would have different requirements to an 800m runner, while boxing and MMA demand a very high level of fitness that a professional can deliver.

Initial assessment

When you approach a personal trainer or physical fitness instructor, they first assess your current health and fitness level; a person with heart issues, for example, should never get into stressful workouts without first consulting with their doctor. If the trainer thinks you may have health issues, he or she would advise you to have a check-up, it is best to be safe than sorry.

Setting fitness goals

Some people do not have a clue how to go about designing a physical workout routine, nor do they have fixed goals and that is where the fitness professional comes into play. You might be planning to run a charity marathon next year, or you are serious about a particular sport and wish to develop your game. You might be a middle-aged man who wants to regain his shape; everything is possible if you start by identifying your objectives. The trainer would set a timeline, which could be anything from 3 months to 3 years, depending on the goals. Short-term goals are important for professional athletes in order to stay on track; most would have a team of experts, a physio, a dietician, personal trainer and maybe even a psychiatrist to maintain self-belief.

Moral support

Some people simply don’t have the discipline to get down and do 30 squats and when it gets hard, it is easy to ease off when you are working out alone. Not so with a PT; he or she will be right there with you, shouting at you to do another 3 and another 2, as you break through the pain barrier. Some people don’t like to be outside of their comfort zone and let’s face it, a hard workout is painful! The fitness pro will bring out the very best in you, of that there is no doubt.

Last resort

Some people try and try again to get fit and after a few years, they come to the realization that they need some help and the personal trainer is dedicated to their clients; if you smash your goals, you will tell all your friends and the PT might get a few recommends from your success. If you don’t like the pain that comes with weight training, it is always going to be tough; the best thing to do is embrace the pain and focus on the great feeling you have post-workout. Click here to learn about a boiled egg diet plan that really works.

Complete package

The personal trainer designs your workout routine, monitors progress and even sets out a weekly menu; diet is critical when undergoing a strenuous fitness campaign and you need a lot of protein for building muscle mass. The PT also educates the client about their body, teaching how to warm up and down and this new knowledge stays with you for the rest of your life. The average length of a personal trainer hire is 3-6 months, after which, the client can maintain their fitness without the aid of a professional. Athletes might have an ongoing relationship with their personal trainer to work on specifics.

We should all have a daily workout routine and if you haven’t had success with your fitness programs, now is the time to approach a personal trainer and smash your fitness goals. No one should take their physical health for granted and as we age, we need to focus more on daily exercise.

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