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CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound found in the hemp plant and it has become very popular in the health and wellness space. This is because of the reported positive effects it can have on both the mind and the body. In this blog, we take a look at why people might consider using CBD when they are working out.


Pain-relieving properties


It is widely believed that CBD is able to relieve and manage pain, in part due to its anti-inflammatory properties which have been discussed in scientific research.


Although going to the gym has so many benefits for our health and wellness, it can make your muscles very sore the next day! Some people have suggested that CBD could be a good solution in these situations, because it can help to reduce the inflammation associated with delayed onset muscle soreness.


When you work out, especially in a more intense way, you can create tiny microscopic tears in the fibres of your muscles. This isn’t dangerous at all and can actually assist you with building muscle as your muscle fibres rebuild themselves. However, your body reacts to these tears by becoming inflamed in the target areas and this can cause more pain than is really necessary.


The best CBD products for combatting pain in specific areas are balms or lotions which can be applied to the skin and really target the inflamed area that is causing you pain.


Concentration and focus


Some people have also suggested that CBD can help them to focus, which would definitely have advantages for a fitness session that you want to get the most from. Many have described the effects of CBD as providing a sense of calm and balance, which can help you to concentrate on what you’re currently doing, rather than your mind wandering and getting distracted.


For example, one journalist who tried taking CBD daily found that she was more focused at work when taking CBD. She was more able to focus on one task at a time and block out distractions. This might also prove useful for those who are looking to improve their concentration when they are training.


Managing anxiety and stress


When your mental health is at a low point, it can be hard to get the motivation to work out as often as you usually would, even if you know it might make you feel better. This is another area where CBD could help because research has shown that it has the potential to manage anxiety.


This could also be especially useful if you’re a professional athlete or someone who takes part in competitions because it can help to rid you of those nerves before you begin.


Overall, it seems that CBD could be beneficial for those who workout regularly, both for relieving the physical pain and discomfort they feel after a particularly intense session and for calming and relaxing them enough to focus on their session.


This article was written by James Storie-Pugh, the co-founder of mellow store, the UK’s curated CBD marketplace which stocks high-quality CBD brands.

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