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Not every one of us can afford to go to the gym daily. But that's not even an issue. There are varieties of easy exercises that don't need joining a gym. You can perform them at home and burn your calories. In fact, according to research, you can burn most of your calories outside the gym while being at home, work and even travel.

We can burn around 500 calories per day working out for one hour. However, the exercises you choose and their results depend entirely upon your age, weight, body composition etc.
Being a fitness enthusiast, I always prefer exercises to perform at home and burn my extra calories.

Exercises and Calories They Burn

Let's have a look at some top picks to burn calories while being at home.

Walk and Walk

The simplest and the most effectivetactic to burn calories are to walk, walk and walk.
Do you know what's best about losing calories while walking? The feeling you get after you stroll for an hour and look at your pedometer. Your steps motivate you to burn more calories.

All you need to do this:

  • Set up a goal; start with 75000 steps which will hardly take an hour, and gradually increase your step count.
  • Get yourself a pedometer; seeing how many steps you made will encourage you, and you'll start walking around your house whenever free.
  • Start walking; it is as simple as your daily walk. Nothing extraordinary. Walk for an hour, and a minimum of 375 calories are down.

Jumping Rope

One of the most effective workouts to scorch your calories is jumping rope. Jump for 30 minutes, and your 350 calories burned.

It is a more extraordinary form of exercise and not at all easy. It might look effortless but trust me;it's everything but.

Try this workout for ten consecutive minutes, and you'll feel it in your arms. In general, you can burn around 350 calories per half an hour with moderate to high intensity. For a pure burn, prepare single and multiple jumps, side to sides and a lot of running space.

Precautions to keep in concentration before you start skipping rope:

  • Drink your electrolyte water before and after jumping
  • Before you start skipping, a warm-up for 10 minutes is necessary
  • Wear shock gripping socks
  • Take a minute or two breaks in between
  • Don't forget to cool down by stretching


The number of minutes you spend on squats and the weight you lift has a direct impact on the calories you'll burn. However, the intensity is also a significant factor that increases your calorie count.

Squatting for ten minutes can burn your 150 calories.

This exercise might bring uneasiness, but the burning of 450 calories in 30 minutes makes it worthwhile.

The more weight you lift while you squat other than your body mass, the more energy you burn. But make sure not to carry a lot of weight to avoid causing any injuries.

Jumping Jacks

According to a Master Thesis, a person weighting 250 pounds can burn around 16-20 calories per minute by jumping jacks.

The jumping jack engages all of your cardiovascular systems. It also includes your abs, upper body, legs, etc. All of your muscles work together, helping you to slacken up at the
starting of your workout. It works as a tremendous energetic stretch and increases your work intensity making it a perfect warm-up exercise.

To burn 350 calories approx., 40 minutes of jumping jacks are more than enough. But make sure you take pauses in between.

If you're a rookie, you can go for the high-intensity option, but if you're a beginner, start with low impact options to avoid throbbing in your joints. Though, slowly and gradually, you can increase your intensity to burn way more calories.


Burpees are a full-body workout and one of the fastest calories blaster. You might know they are complicated and sometimes very hurtful, but you can't hate them. These four-count burpees tend to burn 13-15 calories per minute, making it 400-450 for 30 minutes.

But while you're performing Burpees, make sure to not

  • Move your hands before your feet
  • tramp or rest roughly on your feet after the jump
  • Let your crux drop all through the pushup or plank

Performing Burpees for 25-30 minutes daily helps you build the momentum that keeps you encouraged but remember not to overdo this practice. Otherwise, you will feel tired or lethargic the next day.

Tabata Training

People willing to work out at home can try Tabata. It is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to burn an average of 13 calories per minute. The practice was initiated in the 1990s by a Japanese professor Izumi Tabata. And since then, it has been a great success.

Being a student, sometimes, I'm so busy that I forget to do my essay UK and don't have enough time to go to my gym. At these times, Tabata training is a lifesaver for me.

If you are busy as well, and don't have enough hour to go to your training centers? No worries. Tabata is your rescuer.

It is a 20 minutes workout that can flush 350 of your calories with eight interval rounds.

How Tabata works?

  • 20 seconds workout
  • 10 seconds break
  • Repeat
  • Complete

You can choose your high-intensity workouts for every 20 seconds round.

  • Workouts can include:
  • Air-squats
  • Burpees
  • Counter pushups
  • High knee jogs
  • Squats
  • lunges

Perform your first workout for 20 seconds, take a 10 seconds rest and repeat till you complete your eight sets.

This 20 minutes workout will increase your metabolism, and your body will burn fat even after the workout.


Working out at home is one of the most effective ways to shed calories. It includes the number of exercises, counting cardio, aerobics, etc., that boost your metabolism and help you burn calories after the workout too.
If you're not able to go to your gym daily, you can try these exercises at home but remember the weight you lose will be contingent on your body mass, age and body composition.

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