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Teenage girls love to dress up in stunning styles for the school. Each day is a new day to experiment different outfits. As the season changes and summer sets in, the good news is that you no longer need to wear those bulky pullovers and heavy boots. Summers are the season of light cool outfits that create their own fashion statement. Discover the latest trendy summer outfits for school girls and follow the styles to get the fresh look every day. Calling all the young fashion lovers to get a sneak peak at what’s trending fashion at schools : Combine light denim shirts with dark blue or black skinny denims and team them up with sneakers for casual yet smart look. To glam it up, wear it with a medium heel stilettos. For all those who love skirts, choose skirts in lighter colours, try colours like yellows, pinks and skirts in denims. Team them up with smart tops in contrasting shades or in white tones to create smart looks. Denims are like best friends forever, combine a pair of skinny jeans them with tops in prints, stripes or create semi-formal look with solid class t-shirts. Become a sunshine girl of your school with a bright multi colour skirt with a cute summer friendly top, this one surely is head turner. Make a place in someone’s heart on prom night, get into a flirty summer dress with prints in polka dots. Combine flair trousers in light hues with lacy top to get gorgeous look. Get yourself into vintage avatar with classic dress in checks. Get into some cool and comfy sporty outfit for school game day or sports day.

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