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Each time you visit Tumblr you are sure to discover latest fashion styles and ideas. There are innumerable fashionistas at your work, shopping malls, at beaches or on dance floor who are already flaunting their Tumblr inspired outfits for the season. From celebrities to next door girl in neighbour, everyone is in love with the trending Tumblr dresses for summer 2018. The season sees a selection of dresses in maxi, cinch waist, fitted, v necks, floral prints, sleeveless and flares. The list goes on as you get on a roller coaster ride to find your pick. Here’s our best guide to choose your style and fashion trends that you can try on too. Simply follow the trendy or mix up the trends a bit to get your own best of Tumblr fashion for 2018 :

1. Get the feminine look with the floral prints in short and maxi dresses.

2. Cute floral dress for a beach day wear is your best pick for the season among trending Tumblr dresses for summer 2018.

3. Combine soft and flowy skirts with solid tube tops and tanks tops

4. To get a formal look for the day with trending Tumblr dresses for summer 2018, add accessories like belts and wear skirts with high heels to get a formal look for the day.

5. To get your legs get soaked in sun and get that tanned skin, wear combine loose white shirt with denim shorts to get a chic look.

6. Or go vice versa, get into a denim shirt and a pair of your favourite shorts for a casual day wear.

7. Stripes are in for the season, flaunt stripes both in horizontal and vertical patterns to get a stunning look.

8. Look taller with straight fitted skirts and get a glamorous formal look for the day.

9. To get a chilled look, combine a cool jacket and a few accessories with top and shorts for a casual lunch with friends.

10. Frills are not just for little girls, find a room for frills in your wardrobe this season and flaunt them with your favourite tops.

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