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Each time you step out of your house whether you heading for your college or to your office, you put your best forward and dress up to look your best. Everything but your hair at times starts to look monotonous if you always wear the regular pony tails or simple braids. At times you would really wish to wear your hair in different braids styles that will give you a chic and elegant look. Scroll over to get some amazing ideas on how you can create braids on your hair to get attractive looks:

1. Mermaid Tail

1 Make yourself a casual yet dressy look with mermaid hair braids. Simply make two braids on either side of your hair and then tie them together. Don’t worry if the braids have not got too many layers as once you tie the two braids together, it will fall out as one neat and thick braid. This braid will add the glamour factor to your style.

2. Braided Bun

2 Create a beautiful bun for your special dinner date or a special occasion with this elegant braided bun. Take small sections of hair from either side in the front and make braids with them. Make the third braid with the remaining hair at the back in the middle and roll it up in a bun. Tuck one of the braids from either side over the bun and the other one under the braid to complete the bun. Secure it with bobby pins.

3. Half Crown Braid

3 Half crown braid would be a perfect wear for your lunch party and will surely get you the compliments all the way long. Take a section of your from left side of your hair from front and start braiding it in curved form, working it all the way on the back reaching the other side. Similarly make another braid from the right and reach up to other side. Secure the braids with bobby pins and voila you have your own crown on your glory.

4. Cute Bun With Wrap Around Braid

4 This hair do is great for those who have really long and thick hair. Take a layer of your hair and tie it up in bun the top of your in the middle. Braid the remaining hair and roll up the braid on the bun and flaunt this beautiful hairdo.

5. Twist Headband And Braid

5 Wear this elegant style to add a grace to your style. Divide your hair in two layers and make three braids from the top layer – two on the either side and one in the middle. Overlap the braids on the top of your hair and secure it with bobby pins. That’s it your gorgeous hairdo is all set.

6. French Braid Bun

6 Try a twist in your everyday French braid with this easy to follow French braid bun. Start off with French braid that is starting from right side of your front hair and move to middle as you add the layers of hair in the braid. Once the braid is done, carefully roll it up from the bottom and secure the braid on the left side. This beautiful variation is perfect wear for a romantic evening or for an occasion.

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