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Bald hair and shiny scalp? First of all, having a shiny scalp is not a bad thing. Some males want their head bald and shiny.

However, some males do not prefer this. If you are one of those who do not want a shiny scalp, read on to know some tips on how to minimize having a shiny scalp.

Wear a Cap or Hat

Try wearing a fashionable cap or hat. It can make you look cool and you can rock that cool boy next door look with the right design of a cap or hat. 

Plus, what it can do is to help shield off the harmful UV rays of the sun. It does not only conceal the baldness but also adds a layer protection. 

Even while at the gym, there are also workout caps that have breathable fabric.

So before considering other options, if you feel comfortable with a cap or hat, try this first!

Shaving Tips

One way to help reduce scalp shine is to just have the right level of a close shave. This should not be too close to the scalp so that the little amount of hair can still absorb light. This can help reduce the appearance of a shiny scalp.

Another tip is to have a wet shave. Having a wet shave will help prevent the irritation of the scalp. It will also give a more comfortable feeling.

Reduce Scalp Oil

Our head normally produces scalp oil (sebum). This is a natural process that happens to lubricate our skin and keep it from getting dry. Some people produce more scalp oil than others. Those who produce more oil will result in a shinier scalp. 

If you are one of those who have an oily scalp, you can still manage this and reduce the oil.  You can do this through exfoliating. Try exfoliating your scalp once a day, preferably every morning. This can remove the dead skin cells and clogged pores.

Throughout the day, you can wipe off the oil with wipes. Don’t forget to drink lots of water too within the day.

Scalp Micropigmentation

If your head is totally shaved off, it will appear shinier than those with some hair left. This is because the light is reflected more on the scalp.  

One solution for those who are fully bald is scalp micro-pigmentation.  This is a process wherein the natural pigments are applied to the scalp. It gives the illusion of hairline and hair stubbles. It aims to replicate the natural appearance of hair follicles. Smp for shiny scalp creates a convincing illusion. 

This is recommended for those who are experiencing hair loss due to aging or those with cancer and alopecia.

How is this procedure done? Make sure the person showers before each treatment. Since you can't be able to shower off your head for around 4 days after the treatment. The treatment normally takes around 4 to 5 hours. The number of treatments also depends on the amount of scalp. Each treatment is scheduled a few weeks apart.

How much does scalp pigmentation cost? How long does it last?

The price depends on how much of the scalp needs to be covered.  Scalp micro pigmentation is categorized to be semi-permanent. It can last for up to eight years. But through the years, the area that was treated will also fade over time. This is because the skin is naturally exfoliating on its own. In addition, for those with dry skin, fading is quicker.

Is scalp pigmentation safe?

The ink used in the process of scalp pigmentation goes deep in the skin and it uses a thicker needle. The risks involved are allergies to certain components used and infection. 

That is why if you wish to opt for scalp micro-pigmentation, make sure you consult a skilled and licensed practitioner.

After treatment for the Scalp

After each treatment of scalp pigmentation, it is recommended to avoid swimming, steam, sauna, hot shower, or sun exposure. Do not put alcohol on your scalp or any alcohol-based products.  Also avoid heavy exercise to avoid the sweat on the head. Cooling sprays can help minimize irritation.  Moisturizing the head will also help.

Using the right products to maintain the treatment is also advised. Taking care of the scalp is necessary so that the effect of scalp pigmentation does not fade away quickly.   Using the right products should help you keep the head in good condition.

If the scalp is not maintained after scalp pigmentation, it can again become shinier.  Do not scrub the scalp as this can accelerate the fading.

Clean the Scalp

Do not overlook the importance of cleaning the scalp. A mild soap can do the trick. But you can also use exfoliants to remove deep-seated dirt. Cleaning the scalp can reduce shine.

There are also matte cleansers that can be used. This can help prevent the accumulation of scalp oil. Moisturizer is also helpful in maintaining the matte look. Remember to moisturize after every shower and before sleep. 

There is also a product called a mattifier. This is used after applying moisturizer. The effect of this is to keep the scalp looking matte and less shiny for a longer period. Talcum powder can also help reduce the shine. Try any of these tips for reducing shine in the scalp. Choose a method you will be most comfortable in. Just remember to always take care of your scalp!

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