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When you grow old, your tattoo is going to get older with you. In the young days, people have these perfect tattoos that makes them look perfect. Their tattoos define them. But think what might happen if you are ageing and the tattoos start fading? Are you sure they are permanent? Are you sure your body will remain in shape? Well, you never know about that. It depends a lot on how the ink is. If you got from a cheaper place, the ink is going to fade away with time and ever quickly. The better the ink, the better the tattoo remains. But are you sure that you got yourself a tattoo from the right place? Even the placement of your tattoo leaves an impact. If you have a tattoo on your feet, it will fade away quicker than the tattoo on your back. Have a look on how these tattoos faded with time. Do you really want to do this to your body?

1. Even the Tsunami doesn’t seem scary now.


2. Looks like only the music remains.


3. The key also has a faded color now.


4. Fresh ones always have a better color than how it would be later.


5. The words are not even clear in this intricate design.


6. The in gets smudged like of this chameleon.


7. If it’s on your fingers, it would fade quickly.


8. The old man is almost dead, eh?


9. The flying horse doesn’t look in a condition to fly anymore.


10. The snakes have become lighter.


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