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One of the most disturbing health conditions a person can suffer is constant back pain as it will not let you do any work efficiently. Back pain can range from slight to sudden, sharp pain that won’t let you even move properly. The affect of back pain can be felt in legs also, as chronic and sharp pain can restrict the person to live comfortably or do any task efficiently. Even severe back pains can also be reasons for multiple surgeries and hospitalizations. Moreover more than common cold and fever, the back pain send more patients towards doctors. But do you actually know what the causes behind your back pain are? Do you want to know why you are the sufferer of back pain? You will be surprised to know that there are very small reasons which lead us towards severe back aches. So, let’s discover what the main cause behind back aches is and how we can avoid backache. There can be many medical reasons behind back problems, such as arthritis, injury, inflammation, fracture, nerve injury and so on. But, at the same time, many insignificant everyday habits can take a big toll on your back over time. There might be multiple medical reasons behind back issues like injury, fracture, inflammation, nerve injury and arthritis, but at the same time there are many other reasons behind back aches which we should know. 1. Long Drives


Long drives are not at all good for your health, doesn’t matter you are going to the office or going for an outing. Constantly moving hands on steering can make chest tight and make shoulders round, which can be main reason behind back pain in upcoming years. How to avoid back pain? Try to sit in 90 degree position and as straight you can sit, and try to be conscious while driving. It would be great to place a pillow behind your back. Do not extend your legs as it will put strain on your legs. The best you can do is take 5 minutes break after every 30 minutes of driving. 2. Sitting Job


Sitting put more strain on the back more than standing. For those people who have sit for long time, they have to suffer a lot and they need to be very serious and extra careful about their siting position. Sitting in the wrong position can damage to the bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. What you can do to avoid back ache? After every one hour, take 5-10 minutes walking break and sit on the chair which can support your spine. 3. Do You Love High Heels? Try to Avoid From Now!

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Undoubtedly some extra inches boost confidence to ladies life, but what if it is not healthy for long term? Wearing high heels can spoil the alignment of hips, back and legs as well. As per the study published in the journal of Chiropractic Medicine, the back pain and weari8ng high heels for long are linked so one should not wear high heels and heel should not be long than 2 inches. 4. Sleeping in The Wrong Position

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Majorly it is wrong sleeping position that leads to chronic back pain, even you must have experienced when you slept on your stomach, and you experienced pain when you woke up. It is obvious that you cannot handle your sleeping position while sleeping, but you can make efforts to sleep in right position. Try to keep pillow beneath your head and neck, and it should not your under your shoulders. Sleeping on your back is best position which will never lead to backache. 5. Do You Know That Carrying Heavy Bag Can Cause Chronic Backache?


Most of the women carry their heavy handbags on shoulders and students carry their laptop bags or backpacks on their shoulder which is the main culprit behind severe back pain. When we carry heavy bag, it puts pressure on shoulders and back. Do not carry bag weigh more than 10% of your body weight. The more heavy the bag the more damage it will do to your back.

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