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Many types of lace wigs exist, each giving different results depending on their cap construction. 360 lace wigs are among the most popular lace wigs in the market. It lets you achieve a more natural look and expose you to more parting styles.

You should patronize a top wig store to get quality 360 lace wigs. Luvme Hair is one such store with a prodigious collection of 360 lace wigs. It patronizes quality over quantity and ensures that you achieve your desired style.

This article will educate you on all you need about 360 lace wigs. You’ll understand the significance of this style and whether or not it’s perfect for you.

Table Of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is a 360 Lace Wig?
  3. What are the Advantages of 360 Lace Wigs?
  4. What is the Difference Between a 360 Lace Wig and a Full Lace Wig?
  5. How to Install Your 360 Lace Wig?
  6. How to Maintain Your 360 Lace Wig?
  7. Conclusion

What is a 360 Lace Wig?

A 360 lace wig is a wig type that has lace circling it in a 360-degree format. The rest (and middle) comprises a high-stretch wig cap. Manufacturers knot the hair by hand into the lace while the strands on the high-stretch wig cap are machine sewn.

The lace at the front is usually longer than the back. 360 lace wigs are one of the most realistic lace types in the market.

360 lace wigs are usually human hair wigs because the lace is expensive to make. Therefore, combining them with human hair is the best option. Understandably, they’re much more pricey than most other wig types.

Part of the reason they’re more expensive is that a lot goes into making them. A more extensive section of the hair must be hand tied than the lace front, making it more challenging to produce. However, they achieve a generally finer finish and can be simply astounding.

What are the Advantages of 360 Lace Wigs?

360 wigs have pros and cons, but their advantages outweigh their disadvantages. This article will educate you on the benefits of a 360 lace wig.

It has an excellent texture.

Luvme Hair 360 lace wigs are made from 100% human hair, making it feel and bounce like so. It adds to the realism that you get from the wig. Human hair nature also makes maintenance easier.

It is easy to style.

One of the most significant advantages of 360 lace wigs is their different styling possibilities. You can style them in updos and high ponytails because you have more lace and can expose more of the wig. The lace will blend with the exposed area and make it seem as though it’s your head.

It Improves breathability

360 lace wigs are very breathable thanks to the lace that surrounds the head. It helps maintain a healthy scalp as air can circulate easily around it.

It has a natural-looking hairline.

The lace that surrounds the wig creates a natural-looking hairline. Manufacturers use high-quality lace to ensure that it matches your natural hairline to the base of your neck. The lace sits beautifully and comfortably at the base of your head, enhancing the natural look. Some 360 lace wigs come with baby hair to add to amplify the appearance.

What is the Difference Between a 360 Lace Wig and a Full Lace Wig?

Full lace and 360 lace wigs are both different types of lace wigs. Unlike a 360 lace wig, a full lace wig has a lace cap that covers your entire head. Wigmakers hand sow the ensure hair into the wig cap.

full lace wig gives you a more natural appearance than a 360 lace wig. It’s also more demanding to make as no aspect is machine-sewn. You’ll spend considerably more buying a full lace wig than a 360 lace wig.

Full lace wigs offer you more parting and styling possibilities. You can do a middle part, a side part, a zigzag part, or even a middle part. However, 360 lace wigs are restricted to the 5 inches or so lace at the front of the wig. You can do many other (more revealing) hairstyles on full lace wigs without blowing the cover.

Whichever of the two wigs that’s best for you depends on your preference and budget. Go for 360 lace wigs if you’re new to wearing extensions because they’re easy to install and maintain.

How to Install Your 360 Lace Wig?

You can install your Luvme Hair 360 lace wig yourself or in a salon. It’s best to take it to a salon if you’re new and haven’t installed any type of lace wig before. If you’re a veteran and are used to installing wigs, here’s how to install 360 lace wigs yourself.

  1. Prepare your natural hair by braiding it.
  2. Sew your wig cap over the braided hair and trim the excess one to match your lace.
  3. It’s best to prepare to install the 360 lace wig on a mannequin the size of your head before wearing it. Alternatively, you can also do it on your head.
  4. Wear the wig for the mannequin or your head to test the fit. Cut off the excess lace from all around the wig.
  5. Wear the wig and hold it in place using a spray adhesive.
  6. You can style the wig as you want. Make baby hair around the edges to make it look more realistic.

How to Maintain Your 360 Lace Wig?

Your 360 lace wig can last over a year if you maintain it well. This section will educate you on how to care for the wig so you can get the best out of it.

Wash It Regularly

How regular depends on your wear routine. Wash it once weekly if you wash it often. Do it once weekly or even monthly if you wear it sparingly.

Wash the wig under running (lukewarm) water and be gentle on the lace and entire hair. The lace is made from delicate material, and too much pressure can harm it. Use shampoos, conditioners, and other products specifically designed for natural hair.

Dry and Comb the Wig Well

Air dry your wig after giving it a proper wash. Comb with a wide-toothed comb to keep the wig looking near and remove tangles. Start combing the hair from the bottom, and remember, be gentle.

Protect the Wig

This protection applies when you sleep, exercise, or do other physical activity with the wig. You should protect it with a scarf. If you sleep, a silk pillowcase can do wonders.


360 lace wigs are beautiful and easy to maintain. You can get them in many textures, colors, and lengths at Luvme Hair. Remember, you can install the wig yourself, but until you master it on a dummy, leave it for the professionals. Maintain your 360 lace wigs well to get the best out of them.

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