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As people have begun working remotely, many have found that productivity has gone down. Concentrating, getting tasks done, and having the energy to be productive seem to be harder to do at home than in an office environment. Now that we have lived in Covid World for a while, many have figured out that it is challenging working at home.

Before the closing of the office, I would have reached for a cup of coffee to help concentrating, but now I find myself reaching for tea; kratom tea, that is. I have found that the best strains for accomplishing tasks and being productive is Green Malay Kratom. I got mine from kratom krush as they have high-quality strains.

Green Malay Kratom, when used in the correct dosage (dosage recommendations will be discussed later), can be as beneficial as coffee, but with longer lasting effects. Although the DEA says there is “no legitimate medical use for kratom”, some of the effects that are known to Green Malay users are increased concentration, enhancing a users’ mood, and easing and decreasing stress and anxiety. This makes this strain of kratom great for people struggling with working remotely.

Where does it come from?

Green Malay is just one of many kratom strains. Kratom comes from the tropical regions of Southeast Asia and is known as a medicinal plant in many parts of the world. Only in recent years has its popularity grown as a natural alternative for stress, anxiety and chronic pain. Green Malay, in particular, is well-known for its all-around energizing and mood-alleviating effects.

The scientific name for kratom is Mitragyna speciosa. It comes in different strains and colors and typically varies by region where it originates from. Green Malay kratom is a green-veined leaf kratom that originates from Malaysia, hence the name. It is usually transported from Malaysia in the form of dried leaves, as a kratom powder of crushed leaves or as a plant (the latter being more difficult to come by).

Why Green Malay instead of Red or White?

There are three main strains of kratom: red, green and white. All regionally grown kratoms have a version in each color. For example, just as there is a Green Malay kratom, there is a white Malay kratom and a Red Malay kratom. Each is known for having similar, but distinct effects.

The biggest distinction between the three comes from its ability to either energize or to cause sleepiness. Red kratom is known for its sedative effects, making it an excellent remedy for people struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep, while white kratom is known for energizing the user, making it perfect as a replacement to coffee or other energy drinks.

In a kratom strains chart, green kratom happens to be the happy medium between both red and white strains. It offers the energizing effects of white kratom with the pain relieving and relaxing qualities of red kratom. This makes it possible to use kratom during the day so as to help with concentration and with that midday lack of energy.

What are the effects?

As mentioned earlier, the reason why Green Malay is great for working from home struggles is because it has many natural effects that help boost concentration and relieve stress and anxiety. These are only few of the effects; Green Malay also works as a mood enhancer and helps alleviate discomfort such as chronic pains.

Working from home has increased our usage of monitor screens and not only does this mess with concentration and focus, but it also affects our eyes and minds. Using Green Malay, I’ve noticed that not only have I been more productive, but I don’t get as many headaches as I used to. Since kratom also works as a pain reliever (a perk, in my mind), regular pains caused by working remotely have disappeared, including wrist and hand pain.

What is the correct Green Malay Kratom dosage?

As mentioned earlier, finding the correct dosage for your body type helps increase the positive benefits of kratom, without the negative side effects. Kratom, like any other medicinal remedy, should be taken with moderation and specific to each person.

The correct kratom dosage depends largely on a variety of factors such as your weight, age, metabolism, and tolerance level. It is important to first figure out the effects Green Malay may have on your body before mixing with other substances such as alcohol and marijuana. Although many users claim that mixing alcohol and kratom is harmless, it is always best to take precaution when mixing substances. You must read about such things on trusted sources such as kratom krush before executing it.

Recommended kratom dosage:

  • For focusing and concentrating, it is recommended that the dose be between 2 to 4 grams.
  • For moderate discomfort, chronic pains and extended concentration, the recommended dosage is 4 to 6 grams.
  • For relaxation, ease of anxiety and stress, and stronger pain relief, the recommended dosage is 8 to 10 grams.

Although the above mentioned dosages are a loose guide, it is always best to start with a low dose and increase the amount incrementally by 1 gram in 45 minute intervals (it takes about 45 minutes for the effects to take place). For first time users of kratom, starting low allows you to avoid the possible unwanted side effects of kratom such as building up a high tolerance too fast.

Be sure to use Green Malay Kratom responsibly!

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