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When it comes to supplements for fitness-conscious women, there are a couple of things to consider.

Firstly, the supplement industry is heavily geared towards men’s physiques. Secondly, selecting supplements that help support your goals and objectives is key to getting the most out of your gym sessions.


It’s important to cut-through the noise and look for companies who have women’s nutrition in mind.

When you're looking for an online dietician and fitness coach, Team Atlas should be your first preference. Their quality bits of advice and supplement knowledge will help you to achieve your fitness goals. There are three primary supplements which you should be focusing on pre-workouts, intra-workouts and post-workouts.

A pre-workout is a supplement you take before your gym session to prime up your body and give it the energy it needs to execute efficiently.

When selecting a pre-workout, opt for something with caffeine in it (ideally 100mg) to give you that extra kick you need. This should also have a low amount of calories to avoid weighing you down.

Next up is an intra-workout. This is a supplement you take during your workout to keep your energy levels up and intensity high as your body starts to fatigue.

When selecting an intra-workout, choose something with BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) in it which help repair damaged muscle tissue. Also, if a product contains some form of green tea extract/caffeine or vitamins and minerals, it’s a good sign that it’ll help keep your energy levels up so you can continue smashing your workout with no issues.


A post-workout is a supplement you take after you have completed your workout. Preferably, this should contain a good source of protein (either whey or casein or some form plant-based protein if you’re a vegan).

In an ideal world, aim to get at least 20 - 24g of good quality protein in you post-workout to ensure your muscles are being fuelled with muscle-building amino acids to repair damaged tissue. You’ll also want to ensure that it contains a low amount of calories, carbs and sugar for optimal nutrition.

If you’re still struggling with where to look or what to buy, check out the below infographic for Women’s Best which should give you some pointers on where to start:


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