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We all love to have lighter and fairer skin tone, however exposure to sun, dust and pollution leave our skin tanned and dark. Poor lifestyle habits and wrong food choices or wrong cosmetics cause pigmentation in your skin and you skin gets an uneven tone. To combat the pigmentation, freckles, tanned and blemished skin, women often spend fortune on various fairness and anti tan creams and treatments at beauty clinics. While the effects such creams and treatments can be temporary they also come with their own side effects. Instead of using these creams or getting these treatments done, you can easily get a flawless, smooth and fair textured skin by using a wonder ingredient called liquorice powder. Liquorice powder has been known for its medicinal properties, it is widely used as a herb in many countries and used as a beauty ingredient in Asian countries. Scroll over to find how you can use liquorice to remover pigmentation from your skin and get a radiant skin:

1. Liquorice Pack For Normal To Oily Skin


To make this pack you will need liquorice -2 tablespoons, 1 tomato, 1 teaspoon lemon juice and 3 tablespoons of rosewater. To make the pack, extract the pulp of tomato and add liquorice powder to it and mix well. Add rosewater and lemon juice to this mixture and mix well to farm a paste. Apply the pack on your skin and leave it to dry for 15 to 20 minutes. Once the pack is dry, remove it with help of cotton ball dipped in water. Remove the pack in circular motions to scrub off dead skin cells, dirt, excess oils and grime. Rinse well apply a light moisturiser and notice the difference in your skin. Your skin will become bright and free of pigmentation. This pack can used on your legs, arms, neck and face. Follow this remedy once or max twice a week and continue the process for 2 weeks to get visibly fairer radiant skin. Liquorice powder – the main ingredient of this pack is a natural skin brightener and helps to remove freckles, pigmentation and blemishes. The antioxidants present in liquorice helps to regulate and control oil secretion on your skin and which makes it suitable for oily skin.

2. Liquorice Pack for Dry And Sensitive Skin


If you skin dry or you have a sensitive skin, then you can use this method to apply liquorice on your skin. You will need 1 cucumber, 2 tablespoons of liquorice powder, 4 teaspoons of cold milk and 1 tablespoon of honey. To prepare the mask peel, grate and extract juice of 1 cucumber in a bowl, add liquorice powder, milk and honey to it and mix well. Apply the mask on exposed parts of your body and let the mask dry off for 15 to 20 minutes. Scrub off the mask with help of cotton dipped in water and rinse well with normal water, moisturise. You will get a smooth, soft, supple skin and a flawless skin. Use this remedy twice a week for 2 to 3 weeks to get desired results. The smothering and brightening properties of liquorice will gently remove hyper-pigmentation from skin making it appear lighter, whiter, clearer and hydrated.

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