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We, human beings are born with our own sense of humor, which makes us laugh and have good fun. But there are some people who are born with funny bones and can drive fun out of anything and everything. These people know how to get laughter out of small little things and make themselves and others laugh. An Australian comedienne Celeste Barbar has been recreating celebrity Instagram photos in a hilarious series. She re-enacts the moments of celebrities in similar situation and poses to give people a dose of laughter. From posing as Kim Kardashian to Lady Gaga, Celeste has her own way to tickle your laughter senses. Celeste has over 500,000 followers. Check out some of her latest pictures that will surely send you rolling of the floor with laughter:

1. The weekly shop can be a real ball breaker.


2. When you find out the guy you like surfs.


3. When you're that girl who take 45 minutes to get into the water.


4. Cakes ready!


5. When you see your crush and try to stay chill.


6. When the kids are in bed and you know you get a 30 min shower ALONE.


7. You'll be fine babe,just take a deep breath,engage your core and DON'T DROP ME!


8. Some people are pregnant, others can't afford matching underwear.


9. Big night. Small bikini.


10. I hope yours is organic Kourt.


11. Don't you hate it when your doing your nails in and you get a CRAMP!?!?


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