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When the coronavirus struck, we were forced to stay at home and give up all our outing activities. A considerable responsibility got shifted home, with most people having to ensure that they remain healthy and physically fit. Keeping fit at home is a challenging task. When I had time to write my paper online I decided to distract my attention on the methods to stay healthy and more productive for some time. However, there are many ways of keeping fit at home. Below are some ways on how we can stay healthy during the quarantine period.


With nothing much to do in the house, most people spend much time on social media and the internet. We also notice that numerous pages have some workout videos one can do from home. Some sites have daily challenges that people try and achieve and end up having exercised.

As a start, you need to do some cardiovascular routines for like 30 min. To get the best out of it, you must ensure that it is fast and intense. The exercise should focus on your chest area, lower body, and abdomen.

For a start, could you not rush into it? Start small then gradually increase the intensity and duration as you proceed. Listen to your body on how it is responding to the exercise. Don’t strain too much. Concentrate on the muscles that seem to have difficulty as you exercise.

You should find inspiration. Look for a reason why you are doing it so that it can motivate you to do the best you can and keep you disciplined and consistent.

In as much as a home workout is very beneficial, there are very many distractions you will encounter. These interruptions include the phone, kids, the internet, and even pets. One best way to avoid all this is to exercise early in the morning when there are fewer distractions. Research also reveals that working out in the morning is the best and most people that do it in the morning are more likely to stick to it and make it a habit.

Below are some things you should consider as you work out as hone:


Find a workout partner:

A partner will help you stay focused and reduce the chances of giving lame excuses to get out of a routing. It will also challenge and motivate you to do more each day.

Challenge yourself to avoid boredom:

There is no sophisticated equipment that you always fin in the gym at home. Use the internet and look for exciting routines that you can try out in the house using improvised tools found in the place. On single routine can be boring after some time and may lead you to lose interest.

Have a workout schedule:

Have a plan that will keep you looking forward to the next exercise. You can find some daily, weekly, or monthly plans on the internet that might help you.

Keep tabs of your progress:

Use a diary of any book to write down the progress and achievement you are making. Record all the occurrences, whether it is good or bad. It will help you generate a trend and pattern that will show you how you are generally doing.

Set goals:

It is hard to follow through with an activity if you do not have the desired objective. Give yourself some short and long term goals that you will be working towards. Set realistic objectives that are achievable even if it is not at that moment.


Stating at home is the new normal, and we have learned to live with it. Keeping fit is essential to the body, whether you are out or staying at home. You need to normalize working out into your daily life. You can choose to buy the equipment or improvise what you have at home. Make use of the above tips and keep fit and healthy as you stay safe at home.

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